Hilarious Things People Do At The Supermarket

Jun 09, 2021Shanal Govender

Have you ever been minding your own business walking down the grocery aisle when suddenly you see something strange taking place? It seems like hilarious antics always happen in the supermarket, and oftentimes, people are lucky enough to catch it on camera! One man decided to sleep in the freezer and garnered lots of attention from passing shoppers, while others used bizarre methods to get items off the top shelf ... The funniest moment might include wrestling champion John Cena—you have to see it for yourself! 

Image Credits: Instagram/dungeons_n_dumbells

Freezer Burn  

Usually, people take stuff out of the freezers, but this girl decided to put something in it: herself! It certainly looks like she's enjoying herself. One user commented on her picture, saying she should've posted the image on a Friday and called it "#freezerburnfriday." Well, if you think that would give someone a freezer burn, wait till you see this next picture! 

Image Credits: Instagram/lilerin801


When you need to take a nap and you're at the supermarket, jump in the freezer. This picture seemed to amuse many people, but one user had more pressing concerns on her mind. She commented, "how many pizzas were injured in the making of this photo?" Well, we can't argue with that thought process. 

Image Credits: Instagram/louis.k

Just Sniffing  

Either this guy found the entrance to Narnia, or he loves sniffing cereal. We guess this is what happens when you're really craving a snack. And if you think sticking your face into the shelves is funny, you have to check out what body part this toddler had on the shelf!

Image Credits: Instagram/louis.k

Hiding Hole 

This adorable toddler seems happy at the supermarket. It seems she's just found herself another spot for hide-and-seek. Her mum captioned the post, "In case you were wondering, this is my life as a mom." Let's hope they were eventually able to coax her out. This next lady created a little home away from home in the middle of the shopping aisle!

Image Credits: Instagram/emnwoody

Light Reading  

Setting down with an interesting magazine when you're tired at the supermarket seems perfectly normal. Just follow this lady's footsteps. The seat does look a bit uncomfortable, but we suppose it's better than the floor. Still, it's not as funny as this shark out of water in the supermarket. 

Image Credits: Instagram/vitalijar

Shark Head 

It seems like you can find everything at the supermarket, including a real-life shark man. The dude doesn't seem bothered by his unusual appearance and casually takes a selfie while filling his grocery cart. But even this hybrid man isn't as lucky as this next guy. He got to meet John Cena ... sort of.

Image Credits: Instagram/mel328ade

You Can't See Me 

We're not sure what's funnier: this user's picture or his caption. After capturing a moment with an oven mitt, this Instagram user titled the post, "It was a great honor to meet you, @johncena." He was referring to Cena's famous slogan, "you can't see me." Well, we can't argue with this absolute genius! 

Image Credits: Instagram/deepakzalake

Plank Time 

If you're planning on purchasing some snacks, you have to redeem yourself by doing planks at the grocery store. We think that's what these women had in mind. It's great to see people having so much fun while exercising. Here's something that would've definitely scared them ...

Image Credits: Instagram/zoetrope_fitness

Trolley Dog 

This adorable pooch looks ready to shop, and we can't blame him. The supermarket is a doggie paradise. We wonder where his mum will place the food since the shopping cart looks like it's already full. At least this pup looks happy, unlike the next lady who seems to be running for her life! 

Image Credits: Instagram/giulio_cm

Get Me Out of Here

Either this lady is making a funky dance move, or she's running away from something. And judging by the aisle she's in, we're guessing it's the broccoli that put that expression on her face. It is always great fun to bump into someone having a good time and this woman certainly is! If she's in a hurry, she could catch a ride with this next lady ...

Image Credits: Instagram/beinspiredtoinspire

You're Never Too Old 

Even though this cart is meant for two people, it doesn't seem enough for this lady. We suppose she's a tad too old. But she seems to be having fun, and that's what matters. We're just curious how she got into this contraption. But it isn't as odd as what this kid is doing with toilet paper ...

Image Credits: Instagram/dungeons_n_dumbells


Imagine picking items off the shelf, and suddenly you see a face looking back at you. Some might argue it's worse than the Halloween figure we saw above. But this adorable little boy is only trying to make shopping fun, even if he is lying behind the toilet paper. Other kids at the supermarket aren't so stealthy. Have a look at how these "customers in training" make their presence known. 

Image Credits: Instagram/leander_modelactor

Mad Dash 

These girls seem enthusiastic about getting their own mini shopping carts. It looks like they've made excellent food choices as well. We wonder what they're running towards—it seems important! Now, we've all seen some people perform a few dance moves at the supermarket but have you seen the splits on a trolley? 

Image Credits: Instagram/momlifereimagined

The Splits 

This woman is showing off her flexibility on the trolley stands. We guess she's either an excellent dancer, or the shopping carts have wronged her. Either way, it's not something you see on your average grocery run. Neither is this next thing, driving lessons at the supermarket!

Image Credits: Instagram/zeelabelle

Driving Mayhem 

This family has found the perfect spot (and vehicle) to test their driving skills. Although, we're not really sure who the driver is. Anyways, it looks like they're having loads of fun! The same can't be said for this mother after noticing what her kids have gotten up to ...

Image Credits: Instagram/melissaannejennings

Play Fight

Who needs toys when you can play with buckets. We're guessing that's what these kids were thinking. They look comfortable showing off their new playthings in front of a store full of shoppers. Still, they might've been more surprised to see the unbelievable thing this baby snatched off the shelf—it's sure to have you in stitches. 

Image Credits: Instagram/mother_f616

Parsnip Baby 

This baby is learning from a young age how important vegetables are in your diet. Clearly, his favorite is parsnip. His mother hilariously captioned the post, "Otto has a parsnip... & he's not afraid to use it!! Don't give him any reasons!" We wonder whether Otto would like this next ballet performance at the supermarket as much as he loves parsnips. 

Image Credits: Instagram/edmondsfindingbalance


We know ballerinas train a lot, but we never expected they'd have to do it even while shopping. This girl takes her craft seriously, and she's able to perform some of her best moves in front of a bunch of pineapples. Maybe this next guy would have time to learn some ballet poses since he looks like he'll be stuck for a while. 

Image Credits: Instagram/lillynugnes

Stuck in the Aisle

This guy doesn't seem to be happy with the situation he's in. He decided to plop himself on the ground while waiting for the lady in front to start moving again. Maybe he'd be in a good mood if he saw what this next person did ... it's sure to put a smile on anyone's face.

Image Credits: Instagram/theatomicblondeoflouid

Drawing On Fruit 

Here's something you might not find at your local supermarket: smiley faces on melons! We guess when your creative genius needs to be let out, then any canvas will do. Who knows, this could become a popular emoji! Luckily no one drew on this "item" in the basket.

Image Credits: Instagram/mrsc4recr0w

Nap Time  

It seems to be nap time for this adorable canine. It looks like he had a long day of shopping and couldn't wait to go home. Well, let's hope there weren't many shoppers on this day because we're not sure how they will get the rest of the baskets out. We suppose they could do what this next person did, although it does look pretty funny. 

Image Credits: Instagram/alirob13

Human Shopping Cart 

It's all about having great balance, as this shopper expertly proves. She doesn't need a cart or a basket for her goods. She can carry containers on her head while posing for a cool picture. And she's not the only one, this little boy looks excited to show off his new mustache, or should we say foodtache. 

Image Credits: Instagram/acgiff

Eggplant Moustache 

Eggplant Parmesan isn't the only way you can make use of eggplants. Here they double up as a huge fake mustache so that this little man can feel grown-up. And while he wishes he were older, this next lady is trying to embrace her inner child by doing this in the middle of the aisle ... 

Image Credits: Instagram/melissa_hadleyfitcoach

Unicorn Pose 

This woman seems to be doing a medieval pose while she rides her trusty steed. Sadly, the pink unicorn appears to be taking a break. Now that's something you don't see every day at the supermarket! At least she looks happy, unlike this next person who has an intense dislike for this particular item. 

Image Credits: Instagram/thecourtneycrave

Mayo Hater

From this woman's facial expression, it's clear she's questioning the entire existence of mayonnaise. Do you agree with her sentiments? We're guessing she once had a bad experience with the popular condiment. Next, we showcase the cutest animals you've ever see at the grocery store (they're not really animals). 

Image Credits: Instagram/gillian_vsgjourney

Panda on the Loose

If you've ever wanted to see a panda or a unicorn, drive to the supermarket. They're just riding around. Let's hope that whoever is steering the cart can see over their heads because it seems unlikely that these two can see out of their new heads. Well, at least they're cute; we don't think many will say the same about this lady's getup. 

Image Credits: Instagram/lindog9

Darth Vader

One woman went to the supermarket dresses like this, much to the delight of her social media fans. She asked Instagram users to caption this hilarious picture. One person suggested, "Let the force of cleaning be with you," while another commented, "Let's be crazy." This next picture can surely be described as crazy—we don't think anyone has done it before.

Image Credits: Instagram/bahsicbee


You're never too old to play with inflatables. These women are having a fun time riding the blow-up animals at the store. We guess you don't have to go to amusement parks to ride animals anymore. Next, we show you how to pose when the cops get you at the supermarket! 

Image Credits: Instagram /chefngoc

Hands Up 

These two adorable siblings are posing for a supermarket selfie. Although we're not sure why the little boy believes he's about to be captured by the cops. Hats off to a perfect hands-up pose! Now, let's find out how much a baby costs at the grocery store. 

Image Credits: Instagram/thatdalylife

Weigh Me 

This boy looks like he's trying to sell his baby brother to people in the produce aisle. This amusing picture was titled, "How much would you pay per pound?" The child doesn't seem to be enjoying his time on the scale. But we do have to love their time shopping even if they have to spend it inside a bag. 

Image Credits: Instagram/revakate23

Dog Bag 

Many things can fit into a backpack, but we never imaged a dog would be one of them. This puppy looks snug in his travel case. After all, shopping can be taxing on the legs; luckily, he has an owner who's willing to cart him around. And he won't accidentally run into these two ...

Image Credits: Instagram/will_wheaton_real_estate

Pool Stick Shenanigans

We're not sure what these two are doing exactly, but it looks hilarious. We guess pool sticks aren't just for the pool anymore. Let's hope no people or items were injured during the making of this photo. We wonder if they'd try a handstand like this next lady while her friends pose beside her. 

Image Credits: Instagram/jesykalynn


This looks fun! We wonder what all the items look like when you're upside down. This lady looks like she's enjoying standing on her hands. She certainly knows how to have fun no matter the setting! Supermarkets really do have it all, including children dressed as clowns purchasing ice cream ... 

Image Credits: Instagram/jacquelindanielle

Pajama Party 

An Instagram user captured her kids sporting this look to the supermarket. She captioned the post, "A recent late-night ice cream run. My kids are crazy...they make me laugh." Well, if only this next parent could say the same, we doubt she expected to find her toddler there ...

Image Credits: Instagram/kristy_ledford

Toddler Life  

Despite having a fiery blue car to sit in, this toddler wants to lay at the bottom of the shopping cart. We hope his mum was able to coax him out eventually (after she snapped this amusing picture, of course)! She's not the only mum to catch her kid doing something funny while shopping. The next post with have you "howling" with laughter. 

Image Credits: Instagram/ourinspiredlives

Owl Head Gear 

This kid loves her hat so much she has it covering her head and her face. Now she has two huge owl eyes to stare at shoppers with. Unfortunately, she won't be able to see anything despite the round orbs on her face. And she'd definitely want to witness what this next lady is using as weight lifts ...

Image Credits: Instagram/knottigal33

Detergent Weight Lifter 

This woman is proof that you don't need a gym subscription to do some heavy lifting. You can find all the equipment on the detergent aisle. Let's hope she didn't try this with any of the sodas. If you don't want to work out at the supermarket, you could always do what this next lady does (we wouldn't mind). 

Image Credits: Instagram/camlin_the_body

Lounging Around 

This lady has made herself feel right at home in the display section. In fact, if it weren't for the price tag on the table, we might've thought this was her home. And she's not the only one! The following pair seem to be enjoying themselves so much that the woman's slipper fell off.

Image Credits: Instagram/snowfit.az

Trolley Fun  

This lady has found a way to fit in the shopping cart, but we must admit it doesn't look very comfortable. And to make things funnier, her friend appears to be pushing the cart with his feet while she is still on top of it. Hilarious! Still, it's not as weird as what this next woman did.  

Image Credits: Instagram/wildflowers_andcold

Toilet Paper and Cookie Dough

"Monday nights are for TP and cookie dough," was the caption for this hilarious picture. We're not sure why Mondays require these items, but we love the fact that this "cookie eater" is wearing pajamas that feature the beloved Cookie Monster. Next, we have a little spiderman who can't stop doing this to his hair ...

Image Credits: Instagram/madazon_can_can

Hair Brush Kid  

We think this child has a future in the hair care industry. He can't stop brushing his hair even at the supermarket. We hope he got his fringe set correctly by the time they reached the cashier. While he makes his hair nice and smooth, this next guy is ready to shake things up in the dairy aisle—literally.

Image Credits: Instagram/goldnevin

Shake the Milk

We're not sure that this is the correct way to create a milkshake, but we doubt it would stop this guy from trying. He seems to be having the time of his life in the supermarket. His enactment is the reason why people prefer getting items from the top shelves. At least no one has tampered with those. This next guy shows the perfect method for getting goods that seem out of reach.  

Image Credits: Instagram/montelibanoodle

Reaching the Top Shelf

Here's another use of the shopping cart. You can stand in it to reach those items on the uppermost shelves. This guy seems ecstatic that he's finally figured it out. Let's hope he still has that smile on his face when he needs to come down again. 

Image Credits: Instagram/jjerrett

There you have it, and the hilarious pictures were taken at supermarkets. Which one was your favorite? You can let us know by leaving a comment below. And don't forget to share this article with friends and family so they can laugh too!

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