Celebrities That Are Nearing 100

Jun 23, 2021Salwa

What does it feel like to age beautifully? These celebrities will show you what's it like to near 100. These stars of the past have given us numerous exciting shows like Angela Lansbury's Murder, She Wrote, and Bob Barker's The Price Is Right. Have you ever wondered what's going on in Bob Barker's life right now? We have seen him rise to fame during his best days, but most of us are clueless about his whereabouts today. 

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Dick Van Dyke, 95

Dick Van Dyke is here to prove that age is just a number regardless of the greys and wrinkles! The 95-year-old actor has stood strong against the sands of time and continues to shine under the limelight. Perhaps his cameo in Mary Poppins Returns remains a treat to fans who still can’t get over the hardly aged Van Dyke who was also seen in the 1964 original flick!

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/Bureau of Industrial Service - Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore

Angela Lansbury, 95

After turning 95 this October, Angela Lansbury continues to make a new generation of fans almost every decade. Whether it was her prowess in her theater roles to the most recent "The Balloon Lady" in Mary Poppins Returns, the 90+ actress is as sound as ever and is another befitting example that greys and age just don’t matter!

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/MGM - Wikimedia Commons/Eva Rinaldi

Gene Hackman, 91

Gene Hackman would have retired from acting but has somehow managed to be on this list post turning 90 this year. Now, the good old man who gave fans some of the biggest blockbusters like The French Connection and Hoosiers channels every bit of his creative energy and focus into writing.

Image Credits: YouTube/Movieclips Classic Trailers - Philip D'Antoni Productions/The French Connection - Wikimedia Commons/Trish Overton

Barbara Walters, 91

Though Barbara Walters recently stepped away from the limelight, the iconic broadcast journalist painted the town red when the ladies of The View showered their birthday wishes on-air on her 90th birthday. Known for her interviewing ability and stardom among viewers, Walters has been a part of some of the most memorable TV programs, including The View, ABC Evening News, and Today.

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/Lynn Gilbert - Wikimedia Commons/John Mathew Smith

Bob Newhart, 91

Esteemed actor Bob Newhart had a blast of a birthday in Las Vegas in 2019 post turning 90. Today, he’s successfully added one year to his whopping star-studded age and continues to flaunt his comedic spirit even at 91. Noted for his expressionless and stammering delivery style, the American stand-up comedian is also here to prove that age is a frozen pair of digits regardless of the number of decades that pass by you!

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Betty White, 99

Perhaps you’d be pretty hard-pressed to find someone who isn’t a fan of the irresistibly gorgeous Betty White! The classic bombshell has had a very productive life over the years and is now almost two years short of hitting the century! At 98, White has become an epitome of stardom owing to the empire she built as an actress and comedienne.

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Harry Belafonte, 94

In 2018, the actor-musician-activist came out of retirement to play a part in Spike Lee’s Oscar-nominated film, BlacKkKlansman. When the 93-year-old walked into the set, he apparently left everyone speechless. Belafonte shot the scene thrice, shook hands with everyone, posed for a few pictures, and was out of there!

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/Library of Congress/Van Vechten Collection - Wikimedia Commons/David Shankbone

Eva Marie Saint, 96

At 96, Eva Marie Saint’s love for the big screen hasn’t faded an inch. With a career spanning over 75 years, the American actress has instantly become a role model for all the upcoming newbies in the industry. She even lent her voice to the Nickelodeon animated series, The Legend of Korra.

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/eBay/Albert Howd - Wikimedia Commons/Alan Light

Bob Barker, 97

Despite quitting The Price is Right in 2007, Bob Barker still holds the record for doing over 6,000 episodes of the famous game show. Though the 97-year-old TV star has retired from showbiz, he continues to stay pretty busy behind the scenes, precisely when it comes to preserving his passion for animal activism.

Image Credits: Getty Images/CBS/CBS Photo Archive - Getty Images/WireImage/M. Phillips

Clint Eastwood, 91

The prolific actor-turned-director joined the club of aged celebs when he turned 90 on May 31, 2020. On a chat with Ellen DeGeneres, Eastwood got candid about his soaring age and said: “I don’t think about it,” complimenting his comment with a hearty laugh! He continued: “I sometimes think, when I was a little kid, and I used to hand out with my grandfather who was in his 90s…And I thought, ‘Jesus, who the h— would want to live this long!”

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/eBay - Wikimedia Commons/J. Edgar Premier/Erin A. Kirk-Cuomo

Sidney Poitier, 94

Is age just a number then? No matter the number of times you throw this question with a baffled gaze, these celebrities are here to prove the same thing to us! Perhaps, Sidney Poitier was the first African-American actor to win the Academy Award for Best Actor. However, he continues to don the red carpet stints as recently as 2017 and proves that 93 is nothing but seven digits short of 100!

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/eBay - Wikimedia Commons/Kingkongphoto

Mel Brooks, 94

Just a couple of years ago, Mel Brooks, aka the iconic funnyman of Hollywood, found himself awestruck at the BAFTA Awards when he met Prince William! Now, at 94, the American director-actor-writer continues to don his star-studded lifestyle under the limelight and never forgets to make a mark with his adorably funny presence on the big screen!

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Tony Bennett, 94

Bennett might have turned 94, but his ever-increasing greys and wrinkles are merely a deception! The American singing sensation who carved a niche with his traditional pop standards and jazz gigs took social media by storm with his live performance crooning The Way You Look Tonight.

Image Credits: Getty Images/NBCUniversal/NBC - Instagram/itstonybennett

William Daniels, 94

Daniels is best known as Boy Meets World’s beloved Mr. Feeny! At 93, the American actor continues to stay in touch with his castmates and still hangs out with them. He joined forces with them again for a memorable reunion at the Boston Comic-Con Fan Expo in 2019.

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/eBay/ABC Television - YouTube/FoundationINTERVIEWS

Elisabeth Waldo, 103

An accomplished violinist by profession, Waldo has also made a mark with her presence as one of the most successful songwriters of her time. She embraced her passion for music as early as five and has exclusively composed music inspired by ancient Chinese songs. She’s 102 years old and continues to be the epitome of inspiration to those who love music.

Image Credits: Facebook/Elisabeth Waldo - Getty Images/Los Angeles Times/David Bohrer

Marsha Hunt, 103

The 103-year-old former actress and model took the industry by storm when she began her career when she was just 17. Though she started her career as a model, Hunt was apparently hesitant to embrace an acting career. However, she landed a seven-year contract with Paramount Pictures in the summer of 1935 and went on to taste success under the limelight. Currently, she’s busy with various humanitarian work.

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/Cry 'Havoc' trailer - Wikimedia Commons/Gazebo

Ruthie Tompson, 110

At 110 years, Ruthie Tompson is the oldest living celebrity in the world! She spent almost 40 years as a Disney animator, having started her gigs with the movie giant in 1935. She’s worked on several notable films, including Disney’s first animated feature film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Image Credits: YouTube/The ImagineEars

Ray Anthony, 99

Post signing off gigs in local bands in Cleveland, Anthony spent around four years in the US Navy, where he even led a services orchestra. Later, he formed his own band in 1946 and eventually signed a contract with Capitol Records. The band went on to become a sensational top attraction in the '50s. Years later, he revived the Ray Anthony Orchestra in the '80s, and at 98, he continues to work towards its preservation.

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/General Artists Corporation/Maurice Seymour - YouTube/Goldie Heart

Joan Copeland, 99

The 99-year-old American starlet and younger sister of the famous playwright, Arthur Miller, began her career in the limelight in the 1940s. Back then, she was busy with her theater gigs in New York City before being admitted to the newly formed Actors Studio. Later, Copeland moved into television and films and retained an active stage career through the 1950s.

Image Credits: YouTube/Songs of the heart - Wikimedia Commons/Joan Copeland/Nick Step

Norman Lear, 98

Normal Lear is a WWII veteran, writer, actor, director, and the name behind some of the most famous sitcoms that revolutionized and defined American television. At 98, the American actor-producer continues to chronicle several barrier-breaking mediums through various on-screen works.

Image Credits: Instagram/thenormanlear

Janis Paige, 98

American film and television actress Janis Paige is a blend of superb comic essence whom fans have seen through her six-decade-long entertaining career. The 98-year-old musical theater actress is also profoundly known for her performances in several Broadway shows, including The Pajama Game.

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/ebay/Clarence Bull - Getty Images/Tara Ziemba

Larry Storch, 98

The famous American actor and comedian who turned 97 this January is giving us a glimpse at his evergreen career he started as a kid in the 1930s. Having grown up in a tough NYC neighborhood, Storch embraced a multi-ethnic flavor of his whereabouts before shifting his focus to Hollywood. Perhaps, he’s still believed to be a talented impressionist who’s capable of imitating almost any kind of voice!

Image Credits: Getty Images/The New York Post/New York Post Archives - Wikimedia Commons/David Shankbone

Jimmy Lydon, 98

The 97-year-old American actor and television producer began his career in showbiz as a teenager during the 1930s. Though he knew he was too early to take up an acting career, he eventually landed in his first Broadway role in Western Waters. A couple of years later, Lydon shifted his focus to the silver screen and signed his first titular role in the 1940 flick, Tom Brown’s School Days.

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/CBS Television - Wikimedia Commons/Gazebo

Glynis Johns, 97

The retired British actress and pianist is famous for her portrayal as Winfred Banks in the Disney musical motion picture, Mary Poppins. Perhaps, Glynis Johns was also nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the 1960 flick, The Sundowners. At 97, she became the oldest living Academy Award nominee in 2020.

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/eBay - YouTube/Henderson's Film Industries

Mike Nussbaum, 97

Mike Nussbaum’s acting career dates back to the 1950s when he was originally part of community theater. Almost a decade later, he focused on developing a professional theatrical community in Chicago. Apart from his Broadway gigs, the 97-year-old actor continues to act in several commercials and films.

Image Credits: YouTube/Chicago Sun-Times

Sophia Loren, 86

Italian diva Sophia Loren is profoundly known for being Hollywood Golden Age’s “it” starlets. Perhaps, some of her remarkable performances in Two Women (1961) and Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow (1963) made her a household name back in the ‘60s. In 2013, the 86-year-old bombshell made a comeback in an Italian short film adaptation of The Human Voice. Most recently, she starred in the Italian flick, The Life Ahead.

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/eBay/Paul A. Hesse Studios - Wikimedia Commons/Georges Biard

Julie Andrews, 85

Julie Andrews is known for her portrayal in several iconic roles she managed to land over the years. Perhaps, it’s pretty hard to keep track of all of them! However, the 85-year-old actress cannot be forgotten for her notable roles in Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music. In 2018, she landed a role in Aquaman, and she is also set to lend her voice to Marlena in Minions: The Rise of Gru. Honestly, she’s showing zero signs of slowing down, and we’re absolutely okay with this!

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/eBay/Friedman-Abeles - Instagram/julieandrews

Jon Voight, 82

At 82, Jon Voight is not showing any signs of stepping away from the acting game, and fans are utterly thankful for that! The superstar is seemingly not tired of playing Mickey ever since he landed the role in the Ray Donovan series in 2013. He also starred in the 2020 historical-drama, Roe v. Wade!

Image Credits: YouTube/Oscars - Wikimedia Commons/US National Military Medical Center

Tommy Lee Jones, 74

You probably cannot get over Lee Jones in The Fugitive! Perhaps, the movie also gained him some of the most prestigious awards in a row. Also known for his roles in Men in Black and Batman Forever, the 74-year-old actor continues to score several roles in various flicks, The Comeback Trail and Wander being his most recent gigs on the screen.

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/St. Mark's School of Texas - Wikimedia Commons/Flickr/Dick Thomas Johnson

Marla Gibbs, 90

Marla Gibbs is profoundly known for her gig on the TV show, The Jeffersons. Perhaps, she remained a household name from 1975 through 1985 and eventually bagged several honors in recognition of her acting chops on the show. Most recently, the 90-year-old starlet was seen in Love Jacked and Please Stand By.

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/John Mathew Smith - Instagram/marlagibbs4real

John Astin, 91

IMDB mostly refers to him as “usually mustachioed!” Perhaps, the 90-year-old actor is also addressed as Gomez Addams owing to his stint on The Addams Family! Astin studied Math at Johns Hopkins University and eventually realized his passion for acting. In 2017, he starred as Uncle Dudley in the 2017 flick, Justice League Action.

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/eBay/ABC Television - YouTube/FoundationINTERVIEWS

Kim Novak, 88

Kim Novak was initially poised to be the upcoming Rita Hayworth for Columbia Pictures. Having starred in several blockbusters like the 1954 flick, Pushover, Novak went on to acclaim several noteworthy roles, including the 1958 Alfred Hitchcock movie, Vertigo. Though she’s no longer acting, the 87-year-old diva is passionate about photography, visual arts, and poetry!

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/Frank Bez - YouTube/CBS Sunday Morning

Tippi Hedren, 91

The 91-year-old actress kickstarted her career as a model before falling in the eyes of Alfred Hitchcock. She was eventually cast in the 1963 blockbuster, The Birds, and went on to become a household name post starring in several movies and TV shows. Tippi Hedren was recently seen in The Ghost and the Whale in 2017.

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/"The Harrad Experiment" press kit/Cinerama Releasing Corporation - YouTube/HuffPost Live

Ed Asner, 91

91-year-old Ed Asner is profoundly known for his caliber to portray a fusion of comedic and dramatic characters. Moreover, he’s tied with The Mary Tyler Moore Show for having bagged most of his Emmys and other nominations. Most recently, he voiced Mike Cosgrave in the 2013 animation Teen Titans Go!

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/SAMHSA - YouTube/Facts Verse

Ann-Margret, 80

Swedish-American starlet Ann-Margaret is famous for her singing and dancing prowess. Perhaps, her passion for performing arts even gained her the nickname, “The Female Elvis!” Apart from starring in some of the retro classics, the 80-year-old actress also performed in several of Elvis Presley’s covers, including "Heartbreak Hotel."

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/eBay/Studio - YouTube/Stars and Stripes

Anthony Hopkins, 83

We're sure you remember Anthony Hopkins from his iconic role in The Silence of The Lambs. He has bagged multiple awards for his stellar performances in the 80s and 90s movies. If you think he has said his goodbyes to acting, then you're wrong. Sir Hopkins played the role of a doctor in the 2020 movie Elyse, and he was seen in another movie called The Father, released in the same year. If you're Anthony Hopkins, it doesn't matter how old you are. You just go with the flow and stun the world with your commendable performances. 

Image Credits: YouTube/The Dick Cavett Show - Getty Images/Michael Hickey

William Shatner, 90

The famous Star Trek actor celebrated his 90th birthday this year, and people can't stop talking about how he expressed his emotions on Twitter. "I must say that the reaction to a 90th birthday is overwhelming. Don't you people have better things to do?" Well, don't get offended. That was his way of thanking his fans in a humorous way.

Image Credits: Getty Images/CBS Photo Archive - Getty Images/Matt Winkelmeyer

Carole Cook, 97

At 97, American actress Carole Cook still preserves her star-studded name owing to her work in film, TV, and musical theater. She has starred in several Broadway musicals and has mostly carved a niche in the theater world. Though she took a break in 2006, Cook made a comeback in the 2017 movie, Still Waiting In The Wings.

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/State Library and Archives of Florida - YouTube/Studio 10

Jerry Lee Lewis, 85

Also known as “The Killer,” Jerry Lee Lewis is one of the most influential and iconic pianists of the 21st century. Though certain scandals tampered with his stardom, he eventually made a comeback to grab his name in the country artists’ list. The 85-year-old American singer continues to perform regularly and also focuses on recording new albums every now and then!

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/Maurice Seymour - Instagram/jerryleelewisthekiller

Guess these classic celebs are here to prove that age is nothing more than a number on the cards! While some are almost nearing their 100th birthday, some stars are still as energetic as ever despite crossing a century! Who is your favorite star among these? Let us know what’s your take on their ever-energetic career in the limelight! Please share your amazing comments with us, and don’t forget to share this article with all your friends!

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