Greatest Duct Tape Life Hacks

Jun 23, 2021Natalie Ludik

We all know that we would not survive without a roll of duct tape in our homes. It's one of the simplest tools that solves so many of our problems. But we have discovered some very unexpected uses for it that will blow your mind! These uses will prove that you need duct tape not just in your homes, but wherever you go. So, in this article, we'll show you just how versatile and handy a roll of duct tape can be. And you're going to wish you knew about these genius hacks sooner. Let's get right to it!

Image Credits: YouTube/NorthSurvival

Duct Tape Lint Roller

Don't you hate it when you want to put on your favorite outfit, but it's covered in pet hair? Well, if you don't have the time to run to the store to buy a lint roller, you can make one yourself! All you need is duct tape and a paint roller. Just wrap the duct tape around the roller with the sticky side on the outside and make sure it overlaps a bit. There you go, duct tape roller to the rescue!

Image Credits: YouTube/SuzelleDIY

Securing Your Dustpan

There's nothing more annoying than trying to clean a mess and all the dirt keeps sneaking underneath the dustpan while you're scooping it up with a broom. A simple way you can prevent that from happening is by placing a strip of duct tape on the edge of the dustpan and sticking it to the floor. It's a perfect way of securing your dustpan in one place and allowing no dirt to slip under.

Image Credits: YouTube/SuzelleDIY

Opening A Jar

Duct tape is your best friend when you're struggling to get a jar open. Simply take a piece of tape and stick it to the rim of the jar, as well as on top of the lid. Hold the jar in one hand and pull the tape with the other hand. The lid will pop off in no time!

Image Credits: YouTube/SuzelleDIY

The Perfect Fire Starter

Duct tape is known to be an excellent fire igniter. Just rip off a piece of tape, crumple it into a ball or tear a few threads off, and then scrape some fire rod onto the sticky surface. Also, the greasier the tape is, the easier it will burn.

Image Credits: YouTube/NorthSurvival

Fire Torch

Once you got a flame going, the duct tape will burn like a candle because of the fabric that's woven into it. You can then make a torch with it since it will burn for quite a while. This will be of great use in a situation where you need to go somewhere at night when you're out in the wild. 

Image Credits: YouTube/UK survival and bush craft tips

Fixing Your Shoelaces

If you have very active kids, shoelaces can be a bit of a problem. Often the tips start to split, which makes it difficult to insert them into the holes of the shoes. There are many ways to repair frayed laces, but rolling duct tape around the tips is one of the simplest and quickest methods to do so!

Image Credits: YouTube/ZE

Making A Flexible Container

If you find yourself in a survival situation where you need to gather water or food, you can use duct tape to form a bowl and then fill it up. It makes for a flexible container that you can easily store in your pocket for activities outdoors. As you can see in the image, you can also attach a sling to it to make it easier to carry around. Such a cool idea, right?

Image Credits: YouTube/NorthSurvival

Improvised Cupholder

This one is quite a useful life hack if you don't have any chairs with cupholders or a table on your porch. Just grab your duct tape roll and strap it to your chair. This way, your beverage is easily accessible, and you don't have to worry about it spilling!

Image Credits: YouTube/CrazyRussianHacker

Fly Paper

Can you think of anything worse than forgetting to bring your insect repellent on your camping trip? Don't worry, duct tape to the rescue! You can hang a few strips of tape around the tent so that most of the flies and mosquitos can cling onto it.

Image Credits: YouTube/SensiblePrepper

Broken Glasses

If your only pair of glasses have broken, duct tape will come in handy as a temporary fix. You can simply put a paperclip over the broken area and wrap it very tightly with a piece of duct tape. You're probably not going to win a fashion show, but at least you'll be able to see everything!

Image Credits: YouTube/SensiblePrepper

Mark A Trail Or Leave A Message

Getting lost in the woods is everyone's worst nightmare! To prevent this from happening, you can simply use duct tape to mark certain locations. And if you are already lost in the middle of nowhere, you can cut duct tape into letters and leave a message on the tree or the floor to hopefully get you some help.

Image Credits: YouTube/SensiblePrepper

Covering Up Windows

If you're staying in a place that doesn't have curtains, you can use duct tape to stick trash bags or fabric over the windows to prevent light from coming in. Using trash bags and duct tape is also great for improvised shelter to get you out of the rain and to keep you warm at night.

Image Credits: YouTube/SensiblePrepper

Making A Net

Once again, if you are in survival mode, another cool use for duct tape is using it to make a net when you want to get some food. You can decide how big you want it; it will just depend on what animal you'd like to catch. If you want to catch a rabbit, for instance, you'll have to weave it into quite a large size, and if you want to catch a fish, you can use thinner strands. But don't go around thinking you'll be able to catch a deer with a roll of duct tape!

Image Credits: YouTube/UK survival and bush craft tips

T-Shirt Folder

What if you're pressed for time and have lots of T-Shirts to fold? Well, with duct tape and cardboard, you can fold your shirts within seconds. You can do this by cutting the cardboard into six equal rectangles, each one roughly the length of a typical folded T-Shirt. Then, using five strips of duct tape, connect the top and bottom of each column and then connect the outside columns to the centerpiece, but only at the top. Then you can flatten your shirt in the center; fold one side toward the center, then the other, and finally bend up the lower part flat. Easy-peasy!

Image Credits: YouTube/Household Hacker

Marking Your Suitcase

When you go on vacation with a lot of people, it's easy to confuse your suitcase with someone else's. So, it would be a genius idea to use bright-colored duct tape to mark your belongings as you won't be wasting time looking through everyone's stuff to find your suitcase.

Image Credits: YouTube/Household Hacker

Making Rope 

Duct tape is powerful, which means it can also be used to make rope for shelter-building or to set up traps. All you have to do is attach one side of the tape to something solid and then put tension on the duct tape while twisting it. And voila!

Image Credits: YouTube/NorthSurvival

Tire Puncture

Yeah, having your tire fail can be catastrophic! But it doesn't mean you have to walk home. You just have to find the area with the puncture and cover it with duct tape. You can even wrap the entire wheel in tape for an extra layer, but you have to remember that this is only a temporary fix because it will eventually peel off.

Image Credits: Imgur/Jen1lyn

For Insulation

Getting water in your boots when it's cold is never fun. Just seal it with tape, and it will help with insulation and keeping moisture out. You can even put some tape on the inside to make it more effective. Remember, duct tape is not waterproof, but it is water-resistant.

Image Credits: YouTube/SensiblePrepper

Leak In Your Radiator Hose

If you spot a leak in your radiator hose, you can just patch duct tape over it until you get home. But you'll also have to keep engine coolant, a pair of rubber gloves, and safety or sunglasses in your car for radiator emergencies

Image Credits: YouTube/SensiblePrepper

Glow-In-The-Dark Stair Guides

When you put on a light in the middle of the night to see where you're stepping when taking the stairs, chances are good you're waking up the rest of the house. Instead, you can get glow-in-the-dark duct tape from your local store, cut off a few pieces and stick it to the edge of the stairs, one by one. Now you can run down the stairs to go get a late-night snack without disturbing anyone else!

Image Credits: YouTube/Household Hacker

No More Scratching Floors

Many of us have floors that can scratch easily, so it's often hard to move furniture around the house without damaging the floor. But we have discovered that sticking a few pieces of duct tape onto the bottom of a couch or a table will provide enough protection for a quick furniture shift in a room.

Image Credits: YouTube/Household Hacker

Keeping Cords Together

A great spring cleaning hack! Wrapping cords and cables with duct tape is always a good way to keep it from laying all over the floor and tripping over it. But we can't help but wonder how sticky everything is going to be once you try to tear it off...

Image Credits: YouTube/SensiblePrepper

Sealing An Open Container

Whether you lost the lid of your container or your water bottle has a hole in it, just stick some tape over the area, and it will keep the container from getting contaminated and the bottle from leaking. Remember, if you're in a survival situation, you're going to want to save every drop of water!

Image Credits: YouTube/SensiblePrepper

Duct Tape Canoe

Who knew you could make a boat with duct tape and a few PVC tubes! According to this creative guy, it is effectively waterproof and allows you to go for some distance. Since it's a disposable canoe, you can throw it away after use and just make more. If you're doing this while on vacation, just make sure to bring a saw blade with you as a tool!

Image Credits: YouTube/Marc Gyver

Hammock Heaven

Besides a few rolls of duct tape, you're also going to need two wooden dowels and rope to make this hammock by yourself. You're going to start by pressing the tape down with the sticky side facing upward, then placing the dowels on opposite sides. After that, you should roll out enough tape to complete the loop and then press the two sides together. You're going to repeat this process until your hammock is wide enough and then attach the rope. Check out the creator's video for more detail. This will be the perfect place to relax while you're camping!

Image Credits: YouTube/kipkay

Preventing Blisters

When going on long hikes on vacation, our shoes usually start hurting our feet, and it tends to form blisters. To prevent this from happening, you can use the tape for extra padding so that there's less friction between your skin and your shoes.

Image Credits: YouTube/ZE

For The Bird-Lovers

Do you enjoy watching birds? Well, now you can make a birdhouse to welcome many birds that would sing in your garden. All you're going to need is duct tape, glue, paint, a milk carton, string, and a pair of scissors. It would certainly be a fun weekend project!

Image Credits: YouTube/Scout Life magazine

DIY Bracelets

This one is for all the creative people out there. You can purchase a few different colored duct tape rolls and cut them into thin strips. Simply weave the strips and attach a clasp and hook at the ends. This unique piece will make for a perfect gift. Easy to make, adorable to wear!

Image Credits: YouTube/Karen Kavett DIY

Luggage Tag

This is another useful craft idea. Cut a piece of duct tape into the shape of a tag, insert a piece of paper with your details on it and stick it together. Afterward, you can just punch a hole through the top part where you can insert a little string and tie it to your luggage. How cute is that!

Image Credits: YouTube/Karen Kavett DIY

Marking Your Spot When Sharing A Car 

Everyone that has shared a car with someone before knows the struggle of getting the car seat back in its original spot after the other person has used it. But using duct tape to mark your spot will save you a lot of time and make things a lot easier.

Image Credits: YouTube/CrazyRussianHacker

DIY Gloves

Just like you can cover your feet in tape to prevent too much friction between your skin and your shoes, you can also wrap your hands with duct tape if you want to use certain tools. That way, you won't get any blisters on your hands. 

Image Credits: YouTube/SensiblePrepper

A Temporary Belt

We think this one is a pretty funny life hack. If your belt breaks, you can mend it, or if you don't have a belt, you can make one! Just fold it in half to get the sticky part sealed, and then tie it up, or you can even tape it together. You won't have to worry about your pants falling!

Image Credits: YouTube/SensiblePrepper

Making A Mat For The Outdoors

For shelter-building, you can stick two layers of tape together to form a mat. You can then put the mat over your tent to prevent rain from passing through, and you can also put the mat underneath your tent so that bugs can't easily enter.

Image Credits: YouTube/UK survival and bush craft tips

Duct Tape Hat

Yes, you read that right. You can even make any hat of your choice, entirely from duct tape! You start by cutting and folding a strip of duct tape that is as long as the circumference of your head. The second step is to add more strips to the bottom until it reaches your ears. Then you can connect the two ends and start making the top part. Once you have the basic hat structure, you can decide what type of design or print you want. 

Image Credits: YouTube/Ducttapestuff

Using Wax Paper To Make Duct Tape Easily Accessible

We can all agree that there have been times where we'd gotten so frustrated with duct tape that kept sticking to our fingers. Well, we've learned that wax paper is a brilliant method to make duct tape easily accessible. Just stick the tape onto the wax paper and cut it into strips for future use!

Image Credits: YouTube/Household Hacker

Patching Up A Wound

Okay, this one many of us know about. Duct tape is often used for first-aid. If you get hurt and you have a wound that needs to be patched up immediately, you can cut a piece of fabric off and use it as an initial cover, and then wrap the tape around that.

Image Credits: YouTube/SensiblePrepper

Injured Leg

If you have a leg injury, like a fracture, you can take two sticks and place them on either side of your leg and then wrap the tape around it. This will keep your leg steady and allow you to move around while you get professional help.

Image Credits: YouTube/SensiblePrepper

Duct Tape Swing

Man, how do people come up with this stuff? This one user created an indoor swing entirely made from duct tape! If you're looking for something that will keep your energetic child busy while you're preparing dinner, this is the perfect life hack.

Image Credits: YouTube/Dmitri Soyvett

Hanging Things On Trees

At a campsite, it can always be useful to have duct tape at hand for attaching things to trees. Using duct tape to tie a torch to a tree, for example, would be great if you want to lighten up a large area. Not to mention, the tape can also be used to tape your food to a tree if you don't want a bear to snatch it!

Image Credits: YouTube/SensiblePrepper

Attaching Or Repairing Bags 

It's not very convenient to carry lots of separate bags, so tying them together with a piece of tape can save us a few trips to the car. Also, if one of the straps of your backpack snaps, duct tape can be used as a replacement. 

Image Credits: YouTube/SensiblePrepper

Drill Marker

Here's a top tip for drilling holes into your walls: wrap a tiny piece of duct tape around your drill bit as a marking for how far your drill should travel through your wall. This way, you won't have to guess the distance and end up damaging the wall.

Image Credits: YouTube/SuzelleDIY

Putting Pictures On Walls

How do you hang a picture without messing up your walls? You guessed it ... Duct tape! And if you decide to remove the picture, you just need to gently start pulling the sticky side from the wall without ruining your paint. If you are renting your apartment and don't want to lose your deposit, this is a great option!

Image Credits: YouTube/ZE


This one has to be one of the most unusual life hacks on this list. According to the designer of this unique tie, this is "the only piece of clothing that will have the men falling at your feet and the [women] staring with longing gaze[s] from afar..."

Image Credits: YouTube/Jake Makes

Duct Tape Lanyard

If you're one of those people who always loses their keys or forgets them at home, this life-saving hack is for you. All you're going to need is duct tape, a key ring, and ... your keys, of course. Just make sure you cut off a piece of tape that's long enough to be a necklace!

Image Credits: YouTube/Guidecentral English

After discovering all these genius life hacks, it is clear that a duct tape roll is a tool we can't live without! It has been said that it was developed during World War II to seal ammunition boxes, and from there on, it became a mainstay for improvised repairs and crafting. So, what did you think of these mind-blowing uses for duct tape? Can you think of any other hacks that we didn't mention? Let us know in the comments! And don't forget, if you enjoyed this article, share it with your friends. See you next time!

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