Funny Dog Hairstyles That Make Them Look Like Humans

Aug 11, 2021Salwa

Adorable? Goofy? Amusing? You've seen those, but how about a dog with a human hairdo? Well, we were also wondering until we saw these super hilarious dog photos. If someone needs a good laugh today, this article would surely do the trick. We just can't stop looking at these gorgeous canines making a fashion statement with their unique hairstyle. 

Image Credits: Instagram/indithecockerspaniel

Do You Like My Golden Braids?

This cute doggo is posing and showing off her new hairstyle as if she just came out of a salon. The tiny knots and the middle parting is to die for! How majestic does she look posing like a queen? If you want superb hairstyling tips, then she's your go-to beautician. She knows what it takes to make the perfect hairstyle. Don't leave just yet; we've got more eye candy for you ahead.

Image Credits: YouTube/CollectionZone

There Is An Imposter Among Us

This black-and-white dog probably tried to blend in with a herd of cattle by disguising himself as a cow. He is very confident about his impersonation attempt. He can chill between the cattle without having to worry about him getting noticed. No cow shall ever know that there was an imposter among them. 

Image Credits: YouTube/CollectionZone

Long And Luscious Hair

Who doesn't love long, straight hair? This dog is rocking her long golden hair. If there were an award for the most manageable dog hair of the year, this canine would definitely win it! We love the way her hair has a hint of black inside it. She is undoubtedly an inspiration for many human hairstylists out there!

Image Credits: YouTube/CollectionZone

Long Hair, Don't Care.

How cute does this white Maltese dog look? It looks like he isn't happy about the lockdown situation since all barbers are closed, and he couldn't get his hair trimmed. We love how he's looking at the camera showing off his long hair. Not all dogs can pull off a no-haircut look, but this adorable doggo is certainly grabbing a lot of attention. 

Image Credits: Instagram/cooper_meno_maltese

The Perfect Top-Knot

This is Georgie, the cutest little Yorkie with a top-knot you'll ever see on the internet. The little bow on her head looks too adorable, but her eyes tell a completely different story. We are sure she won't like it if you come too close to her. Those eyes are reflecting on her naughty intentions and witty plans. Would you take the risk of invading her personal space and touching that cute little top-knot? 

Image Credits: Instagram/georgieeandfin

Are You Kidding Me?

Boy, oh boy! It seems like this guy isn’t satisfied with his haircut. The “are you kidding me” look on his face is telling the whole story. His owner must be delighted with the final haircut results, but it seems like the tiny canine isn’t very happy about it. His human has broken his trust. You surely don’t want your doggo’s eyes to question you like this after you put the scissors down. Take notes; this hairstyle isn’t what your furry friend wants!

Image Credits: Instagram/zendarris_bordercollie

Do You Like My Hairstyle?

This charming pooch needs your approval. How does his new hairstyle look? Honestly, we can’t stop adoring those furry ears and that tiny mohawk sitting on top of his forehead. We can bet this handsome little hunk indeed gets everyone’s attention whenever he goes out for a stroll. Do you like his new hairstyle?

Image Credits: YouTube/Winkgo

Dog or Lion?

Meet Danny; he is a very friendly doggo who loves mingling with humans. His owner gave him a salon-like treatment at home and transformed him into the king of the jungle. His brand-new mane is complimenting his robust built, and did you notice how cute the tail looks? Danny loves his lion look.

Image Credits: YouTube/Winkgo

Definitely A Lion!

This cool mutt loves chilling in the backyard because he manages to convince people that he is a lion. Do you think he is a dog? Well, he thinks he is a lion (and we believe him!). His straight, untangled hair make his artificial (not!) mane look very real. We think he makes a great lion! How would you rate his overall look from 1 to 10?

Image Credits: YouTube/Winkgo

The Ultimate Pug Look

If your furry friend is looking for hairstyle inspiration for a costume party, then this is it! This Juice Wrld inspired look is what you need to recreate for your dog. All you need is a tiny wig that sits perfectly on his head, and you're good to go. This wholesome look isn't limited to dogs. Men can try this look too, but we can't guarantee if they could pull it off like this little doggo staring right into your eyes.

Image Credits: Instagram/roccothepug

The Coolest Mohawk

See the mohawk running down this doggo’s spine? This is what you call hairstyle goals. We can bet this is the fluffiest yet coolest mohawk you will ever see. Even humans can’t rock a mohawk like this pup is doing. He’s sitting on the sidewalk with his nose in the air because he knows how awesome he looks right now. 

Image Credits: Youtube/Winkgo

Bow Wow!

Meet Livy, the Yorkie! As you might have already guessed, she’s a big fan of bows. She thinks there’s no better hair accessory than a bow. Be it a hair tye or a pin, Livy wants a bow on every hair accessory. We think she looks gorgeous with the bow on her head. What are your thoughts about it? Do you like bows as much as Livy does?  

Image Credits: Instagram/livytheyorkie

Round Face Haircut 

You must have heard about haircuts that suit round human faces, but have you ever seen a round doggo face? We love how cute this little guy looks with his new round-face haircut. It seems like the groomer drew a circle on his face using a pair of compasses before trimming the hair. 

Image Credits: Instagram/groomerwellingtonlira

Such A Pretty Braid!

Meet the super stylish Cocker Spaniel, Barney. He has long silky hair, which every other dog wishes to have (so do we!). The other day, his Aunty Katy visited him and thought of dressing him up. Here’s a picture of what she did to little Barney. She braided his hair, and they look stunning! 

Image Credits: Instagram/cockerbarney

Another Gorgeous Doggo Braid

It looks like every other doggo is making a fashion statement with these fluffy little braids. They are trendy. They are classic. They are... gorgeous! The braid looks majestic, running down this dog's spine. He looks breathtakingly stunning, and we think everyone should ask this little pup for hairstyle advice. 

Image Credits: Instagram/ildiariodi_mary

Why Did You Do This To Me?

This Shih Tzu doesn't like his new hairstyle. He doesn't care if other pups are rocking their braided hairstyles. All he wants is to get rid of this braid as soon as possible. Would you help him untie the braid? Or do you think his new hairdo looks super trendy? 

Image Credits: Instagram/miluchita7

The Cutest Pigtails 

This is Casper, the trendiest Lhasa Apso you will ever meet. He loves going out for long walks. His favorite pastime includes running around the house for no reason at all. He’s a hyper doggo who loves his owner way too much. His human made this new hairstyle for him, and he loves it. Do you think the pigtails look good on him? We are in love with these tiny pigtails!

Image Credits: Instagram/casper.lhasa

Rocking The Pigtails 

Daisy is a nature-lover who loves to spend some quality time in the backyard with her human. She also takes the virus seriously and wears a mask whenever she goes out (looks like she doesn’t know how to wear it though). Her go-to hairstyle is pigtails, and she knows how to carry it well. How cool do those pink hair ties look?

Image Credits: Instagram/daisydogs_mommy

Ear Ponytails 

It looks like this Weimenarer is not too happy with his new hairstyle. Is this even a hairstyle? His expressions are telling what’s in his heart. He’s not satisfied with his human. He feels bullied for not having long hair. Don’t worry, London. We’re in this with you! Hair or no hair, you look fabulous!

Image Credits: Instagram/londontheweim

Fiona The Fashionista

Fiona loves to try out new hairstyles. She loves to tie braids while going out for a walk in the backyard. Noticing human hairstyles and trying them out is her favorite hobbies. Do you like Fiona’s hairstyle? We think she’s setting a new benchmark for canine hairstylists. The way she’s carrying that hairdo is to die for!

Image Credits: Instagram/petsmartgrooming1971

Classy Top Bun

This is what you call a dog with class! We bet even humans can’t rock a top bun like this adorable canine is doing. She has the right amount of hair tied with an elastic band to form the loveliest doggo bun we have ever seen.  How cute! Do you know any other dog who can pull off top buns like her?

Image Credits: Instagram/urboydgaf

Is That A Balloon?

Look at that innocent puppy face! How cute is this doggo, looking like a balloon? His hairstylist sure knows a lot about shapes! He must have enjoyed studying math in high school. We can’t stop looking at this balloon-shaped dog who’s staring right at our soul. Round doggos are surely going to be the next big thing. Wait... doesn't he look like Jake from Adventure Time?

Image Credits: Reddit/Beanful

I Don't Care

There are days when you don’t want to comb your hair, right? The same here with this adorable doggy. He loves to leave his hair untamed, free to go where they like. He just doesn’t like it when his owners comb his hair. Unfortunately, his human got him a haircut, and now he can finally see the light through his eyes. Was getting a haircut the right decision?

Image Credits: Instagram/oceanpawspetgrooming

You Broke My Trust!

His trust is broken, and nobody can fix it! This dog trusted his human with his hairstyle, but sadly, his human has failed him. Doggo can’t believe what he saw in the mirror! A tiny ponytail is now sitting on top of his head. That’s just ridiculous! Doggo doesn’t like it. Doggo needs an apology.

Image Credits: Imgur

What Do You Mean There Are No Treats?

Treats are what every doggo lives for! There’s no fun in life without those yummy treats. This doggo can’t believe her owner told her that there are no more treats. Look at the little adorable floral-print bows sitting on top of her head. Can you ever say no to such a cute little pupper?

Image Credits: Instagram/the_lamb_pooches

Pixie, The Player

Meet Pixie. She loves playing fetch with her human all day long. This is her pink toy, which she loves to chase. She doesn’t want her long hair to stop her from playing, so she ties them up in a cute high-pony. Doesn’t she look super gorgeous?

Image Credits: Instagram/pixie_emilia_pucci

Did You Say You Don't Like My Bangs?

This is Copper. He is a Cocker Spaniel who loves to play outdoors. He admires his humans and always listens to what they say. Recently, he got a haircut, but people make fun of his bangs. Do you think there’s something wrong with his hairstyle?

Image Credits: Instagram/coppertheworkingcocker

Do You Like My Hair Now?

Copper is posing for you to check out his fantastic hairstyle. What do you think? We believe it is super awesome, and no one should make fun of this adorable little doggo. Look at the way he’s waiting for your approval. How much would you give him out of a 10?

Image Credits: Instagram/coppertheworkingcocker

I Can't See Anything!

Haircut gone wrong? This is what happens when you cut your bangs at home by yourself. Cutting your hair is no joke. You should always go to a professional hairdresser. This doggo experimented with his hair at home, and look what happened! He can’t see anything! How will he eat his treats now?

Image Credits: Instagram/dandypet

Dog In The Hairdresser's Chair 

This dog learned a lesson from the previous page and went to the hairdresser to get a haircut. Look how happy he is (not really!) sitting in the salon chair. He loves his shoulder-length hair and recommends this hairstyle to all the stylish dogs out there.

Image Credits: Instagram/makeupbyjlin

Orange Hair

A little orange hair won’t hurt anyone, would they? This dog loves to color his hair to see which color suits him best. Do you think orange looks good on him? Can he pull off an orange punk hairstyle without getting embarrassed in public? He needs your advice. Please help him out!

Image Credits: Instagram/doggoduk

Poodle Hairstyle

Who knew matching bandana and scrunchie are in fashion (read: dog fashion) these days? This poodle loves cheetah print bandanas and luckily found a matching scrunchie from an online store. Do you love her new look? We think she looks very stylish! How can a dog pull off such a great look?

Image Credits: Instagram/zalexco_tori

Heart-Shaped Pupper

This looks like the coolest Pomeranian dog out there. His owner thinks they have ruined the haircut, but this little pupper is rocking that heart-shaped haircut. What do you think? Can a human pull off a poorly done haircut without making a fuss about it? This Pomeranian surely knows how to handle bad situations.

Image Credits: Instagram/dumbymau

Leave Me Alone!

Meet Larry. He isn’t in his best mood today. You may ask why. Well, his human thinks it’s time for a haircut, but Larry believes his hairstyle looks absolutely perfect. He’s been telling his owner that getting a haircut is so out of fashion. Can you convince Larry to get his hair trimmed? We don’t think so!

Image Credits: Instagram/thegadogs


Back in the days, every other guy would use hair gels and create this spiked hairstyle. This doggo is living the old days and rocking this hairstyle. But why does he look so confused? Was it done against his will? This matter needs to be investigated!

Image Credits: Instagram/duma4ever

Crimped Hair, Don't Care!

Those crimped brown hair sure do look lovely! But how did the doggo achieve this hair texture? Did she use a crimping iron? You won’t believe it, but this happened naturally. Air drying her hair helped this pupper achieve a crimped hairstyle without any effort. How cool is that?

Image Credits: Instagram/cockersonnyandpals

Side Fringe

Have you ever seen a dog rocking a side fringe like Indi? She loves her new hairstyle, and it definitely looks like something out of a human fashion magazine. Indi is making a fashion statement with her side fringe. Do you like it?

Image Credits: Instagram/indithecockerspaniel

Ain't I The Cutest Little Dog You've Ever Seen?

This cute little pup from Ireland is rocking his newly-cut fringes. The tiny hair popping out of his forehead and bending down mid-air is what's making him stand out. His expressions truly compliment his hairstyle, and we cannot stop admiring his sharp looks.

Image Credits: Instagram/missmarpley

Which Hairstyle Looks Better?

Smoochy wants to know which hairstyle looks better. The no-comb-let-the-hair-grow hairstyle or the middle parting? Smoochy was not too happy to go to the groomer, but he thinks the decision was fruitful after seeing the results. He likes his new hairstyle and can't wait to show it to his friends.

Image Credits: Instagram/smoochypoochy.brauntor

A Hair Clip Is All I Need 

The hair clip can only hold two out of the million hair this black doggo has. He can't seem to understand this. He kept on insisting his human to let him wear a single hairclip. This is what the final result looks like. A useless hair clip sitting on top of the dog's head. Dogs these days... they don't listen to their owners anymore.

Image Credits: Instagram/lakelanddogtreats

Now I Can See Where I'm Going

This adorable pupper had very long hair, which hindered her vision. Recently, she got a haircut, and she's very happy about it. She can finally see the world in its true colors. Her tiny fringes look stunning, and she is rocking them in full swing. What do you think about this look?

Image Credits: Instagram/_heidief

Gina The Grumpy Dog

The big black bow looks super chic, but we are not too sure if Gina likes it. The bow has her name printed on it. Wow. She's setting some fashion goals here. Bows with your name printed on them are the new fashion statement of 2020. Good job, Gina!

Image Credits: Instagram/gina_monaco

Bow It All

This doggo couldn't find a better hairstyle, so she wore a bow in the end. How does she look? She thinks it's best to wear a bow at all times because you can always rock it. Do you think she's right? Can you convince this little dog to try out other hair accessories as well? 

Image Credits: Instagram/marleyful_life

Warm Hairband

There's nothing better than wearing a warm hairband on a chilly winter night. Amber, the small dog, is rocking this yellow and white warm headband her human knitted for her. It not only keeps her warm at night, but it also makes her look very charming and adorable. What do you think about Amber's look here? 

Image Credits: Instagram/ambersmalldog

These were all the adorable dogs who rocked human hairstyles nobody else could. These little furry creatures managed to make us laugh in these stressful, uncertain times. If you enjoyed looking at the hilarious hairdos, please share this article with your friends and family. They will love you for putting a smile on their face. 

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