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Hollywood is essentially a showbiz hotspot with numerous celebrities gashing out millions to take root in some of the city's flashiest streets. With their glamourous career, we are not surprised that they want their lavish homes and lifestyles noticed. What's surprising is that the selected celebrities on this list have gone the extra miles both financially and physically to stay away from the Hollywood frenzy. 

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Of Solitude and Privacy

When we talk about celebrities, "off the grid" is a relative term. While Louisville, Kentucky is still a well-known place, it is not a place you would expect to see some of the Hollywood A-listers unless, of course, you are talking about one of the highest-paid actresses in the world, Jennifer Lawrence. Or an award-winning guitarist and singer-songwriter who finds inspiration in his remote ranch in Montana. Not to mention Woody Harrelson, who lives in a biodynamic community in Hawaii. For these celebrities, home is clearly where the heart - not the fame - resides. 

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Woody Harrelson 

This Midland, Texas-born Emmy Award-winning actor hit the Hollywood scenes as a charming bartender in the 1980s and 90s in the hit TV show "Cheers." Though the actor reportedly had a tough childhood in Ohio and Texas before his big break in showbiz, he now enjoys solace "off the hamster wheel" with his beautiful wife Laurie Louie and their three daughters in a solar-powered house in the off-the-grid island of Maui, Hawaii. The environmentalist also drives a biofuel-ran car and never misses a chance to express his awe for the island. "It's a really beautiful place. Everybody cares about this Earth, and they're all biodynamic farmers and just cool people," he told SF Gate in 2005. "It's a loving community, and I'm blessed to be part of it."

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Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds

This power duo has managed to keep their off-the-screen life private and away from the Hollywood hustle even with their successful careers. When this power couple is not busy on set or teasing each other on social media, they enjoy their marriage and raise their kids at their Bedford home, in New York. Contrary to her role on "Gossip Girl," Lively will most likely be baking something in her estate kitchen during her downtime. The Deadpool's star wife even gets tips from her friend and neighbor Martha Stewart who helped the couple plan their wedding. The couple also owns a pad just an hour outside Manhattan. 

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The British singer-songwriter has earned praise over the years for her soulful voice and deep-fetching music that has seen some of her albums ranked as the best selling this century. With all that wealth and fame, you'd think the "Rolling In The Deep" hitmaker would embrace the luxurious Hollywood lifestyle. But no, even with the elevation, Adele chooses to live in the London suburbs away from the city. However, it is still nothing short of a plush mansion named "Lock House," standing on 25-acres of private land with elegant mature trees and other wonders nature has to offer in West Sussex. According to Adele, she is there "for safety," as she told Anderson Cooper, a US TV host, and what better way to stay away from cameras than in a traditional English home with Persian rugs and wood-paneled walls? 

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Wiz Khalifa

Drawing from the persona this talented rapper puts up on stage while performing, you'd be tricked to think that his off-the-cameras life is filled with an equal measure of the funfair. The "Steelers' anthem, Black and Yellow" artist is a relatively private father who shares his luxurious Mediterranean inspired West Coast home with his now 7-year-old son in Los Angeles. According to Wiz, it is a serene area for him to have some privacy while being close to where he works, his son's school, and his gym. Most of the house is dedicated to his son, Sebastian and the rapper made it clear to Architectural Digest that he does not bring people to his house. 

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Julia Roberts

After having an eventful acting career, the renowned actress has taken a step back from the famous Hollywood scenes' hustle and bustle to focus on a more quiet and off the grid life with her family in Malibu, California. As an Academy Award-winning actress and one of the highest-paid actresses at the same time, it only makes sense that she has enough money to spend on several upscale estates close enough to Hollywood's action but far enough for some sense of quiet. Aside from her exquisite 6000 square feet main house with a chic wooden exterior and breathtaking beach view, the Erin Brockovich actress has also owned other estates in New Mexico, Hawaii, and New York. Besides living in the utmost privacy, Julia Roberts consciously avoids the spotlight by opting for low-key Malibu cafes over the splendid Hollywood has to offer. 

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Bruce Willis      

Over the years, Bruce Willis - the "Die-Hard" movie star, has become a household name in the movie industry. He first hit the screens in 1980 in a TV hit film, "Moonlighting," as a detective. Though Bruce has a home in Los Angeles, which is already far from all the frenzy of Hollywood, he chooses to live in an isolated and quiet suburb in Bedford, New York, after divorcing his wife. Before moving to Bedford, Bruce and his family lived in a lakefront ranch estate looming over over 20-acres of land in Idaho that he sold for $5.5 million. To choose a quieter suburb over an already low-key Los Angeles home only goes to show how much this actor wants to stay away from everybody's eyes. 

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Johnny Depp 

Though popularly known for his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the film Pirates of the Caribbean, this gifted actor has portrayed other eccentric characters in films such as the Mad Hatter and Edward Scissorhands. Being the versatile actor that he is, it did not take him long to reach heartthrob status; hence, it only makes sense for him to be among the most well-paid actors of his time. With an estimated net worth of $200 million, it is understandable why he spent $75 million buying more than 14 homes worldwide. Aside from a chain of islands in the Bahamas, Johnny Depp has farms in Kentucky, Florida, and southern France, all of which give this pirate the nomadic but private lifestyle that he craves. 

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John Mayer

Like many other celebrities, John Mayer forged his path to success with his impeccable talents. He launched his career in the late 1990s as a guitarist, singer, and songwriter and is still a force to be reckoned with in the music industry, more than two decades later, not to mention that he is a Grammy awards winner. While he sometimes enjoys the New York and Los Angeles lifestyle, this great musician prefers a more reserved life at his Montana ranch. The tranquil open spaces on his farm are the perfect way to unwind and recharge after performances and world tours. Also, what better way to channel inspiration than in solitude. 

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Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock, an American-German actor, and producer is well known for her role in The Proposal, Speed, and The Gravity. Though she has starred in numerous films, she became the highest-paid actress in 2013 following her role in "The Gravity" which boosted her career and saw her named the Entertainer of the Year in 2013 by Entertainment weekly. With the razzle-dazzle in her acting career and life in general, we can almost see her going through her life in the spotlight at her Los Angeles home, but Sandra prefers a more low-profile living in New Orleans

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Tom Hanks   

Tom Hanks is a well-respected powerhouse in Hollywood owing to his roles in Cast Away, Forrest Gump, and Big that rendered him major success. Having been on the Big screen for a long time, he finally earned the veteran title. He still plays roles while living off the grid and away from the Hollywood limelight with his actress wife, Rita Wilson, in the small city of Ketchum. The couple also had two posh homes in the Pacific Palisades that they sold for $17.5 million back in 2017.   

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Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman is a well-regarded Academy Award-Winning actress with exceptional beauty to go with her talents. Nicole won a Golden Globe and an Emmy for her outstanding performance in HBO's Big Little Lies and later starred in other hit films like Destroyer and Aquaman. She is undoubtedly enjoying the best of her career and love life. She married the love of her life, Keith Urban - a country music star, who she adores so much that she moved with him to Nashville, Tennessee, the capital of country music to better his chances for career success. In the end, our connection with the people we love is what matters, and Nicole knows better to invest in that, at the same time away from the Hollywood frenzy. 

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Harrison Ford

Having been under the spotlight for more than 50 years, Harrison Ford is one of the leading showbiz pioneers. His roles as Han Solo in the initial Star Wars films and Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark elevated him into stardom. Even with more than five decades in showbiz, Harrison managed to live a quiet and private life in Wyoming with his wife, Calista Flockhart, away from camera flashes and paparazzi. Harrison has a philanthropic spirit that drove him to donate half of his 800-acre ranch to be a nature reserve.

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Meryl Streep

This highly esteemed Oscar-winning actress is well known for her intriguing roles in The Devil Wears Prada, Mamma Mia, and Doubt. Her reputation has preceded her since her debut, which is why she is undoubtedly one of the greatest actresses alive. However, even after being a dominating force in the movie industry for decades, Meryl couldn't ignore her desire for normalcy and privacy. The movie star moved to Los Angeles at some point in her career but moved back to the Salisbury region in Connecticut. Streep's 80-acre home is surrounded by a 20-acre private lake where she enjoys privacy and normalcy away from the spotlight with her family.

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Kelly Clarkson

After winning American Idol's first season in 2002 and the million-dollar prize of an RCA record contract, Kelly Clarkson was never the same again - this turn of events changed her life. It saw her record several top-hits like "Since U Been Gone" and "Because of You," and has continued with her singing career to date among other engagements such as being a judge on The Voice - an American talent competition television series. As bubbly and outgoing as she is, Kelly has decided to live a simple but voguish life in her 20,000-square- foot mansion in Tennessee, where she can raise her children and enjoy success away from her flashy music career.

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Jennifer Lawrence 

Jennifer Lawrence is hard to miss with her sleek execution of various roles in Hunger Games and X-men. The Louisville, Kentucky-born star was the highest-paid actress in the world for two years in a row. And even with all that money, Jennifer still loves to live in Louisville, Kentucky, where she was born. However, the talented actress owns property in Beverly Hills, but her Kentucky home is her favorite. Even as a wealthy Award-Winning actress, for Jennifer Lawrence, once a Kentucky girl, always a Kentucky girl. 

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Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is undoubtedly among the most famous and successful faces in show business, if not the world. With a net worth in the billions, Oprah has her television network, a magazine, is a significant shareholder in Weight Watchers, not to mention thousands, if not millions of fans worldwide that she has. As inspiring and philanthropic as she is, even the media mogul needs an escape, and what better place to unwind than a remote Orcas Island in Washington. She is one of the famous faces that have looked the Pacific-Northwest way for privacy. According to Over Sixty, Oprah owns a hideaway mansion with a half-mile of private shoreline. 

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Jeff Daniels

Jeff Daniels gives a "regular guy who starred in a major movie" kind of vibe. After his big break in the early 1980s, in Terms of Endearment, the movie star bagged two Golden Globes nominations by 1986. However, after living in New York for ten years, Jeff Daniels and his wife, Kathleen, decided to move back to their hometown, Chelsea, Michigan. For Jeff, his career was going to end sooner than later, and it was better if it did when he was at home than in New York. Though his career has since proven successful as Jeff remains one of the most familiar faces in showbiz, Jeff Daniels is happy in his small hometown. Also, he brought a touch of Hollywood to his Great Lake State town when he established the Purple Rose Theatre

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David Letterman

Despite being a familiar face of late-night television for more than three decades, David Letterman is a hard man to find these days. While he still has a television presence as the Netflix show's host - My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, he has gone off the grid in his ranch near Choteau, Montana, since retiring from the Late Night Show in 2015. At first, Letterman did not think he would like the place, but after Tom Brokaw's persistence, he gave the ranch a tour. According to him, "you just can't stop seeing once you're out there." Letterman has since blamed Tom for making him fall in love with the Big Sky Country. 

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Dave Chappelle  

As Dave Chappelle began to get his footing in Hollywood in the late 1990s and early 2000s as the Chappelle show host and starred in famous movies such as Half Baked, he suddenly disappeared. The comedian walked away from everything, including the third season of the successful Chappelle show, and went to South Africa, where he laid low to hide from media coverage. When Chappelle resurfaced, he told Times in 2005 that he wanted to be well balanced. Chappelle has built a balanced living with his family on a quiet farm in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Dave still skirts the spotlight, but he does it differently now. 

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The 48-year-old, Missouri-born rapper, actor, and record producer is among the best selling artists in the 21st century. Eminem's childhood was turbulent due to poverty, which led him to start rapping in clubs in his home area when he was only 14. After quitting school, the rapper worked hard to establish himself as a solo artist and a member of a Detroit-based rap sextet - D12. Though his album, Infinite in 1996, sold poorly, Eminem worked hard to get to where he is today. Even with all the wealth and fame he earned over the years, he chooses to live in a 5.7-acre estate in Rochester Hills, Detroit, that he bought back in 2003. In any case, what better place to draw inspiration and remind you how far you have come than the place you took your first baby steps. Eminem is genuinely a Detroit boy at heart. 

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Jon Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi has rocked our worlds with his voice over the last few decades as the frontman of Bon Jovi. However, when the Award-Winning singer-songwriter is not singing for us on stage, he is unwinding at his New Jersey home where he has been all his life. Jovi Bon Jovi also has a house in New York City, but this heartthrob has never been a fan of the Hollywood scene.

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Daniel Day-Lewis    

Though now retired, the megastar graced the Hollywood screens from as early as 1971 in Sunday Bloody Sunday. Throughout his active years, he bagged numerous awards, including an Academy Award for Best Actor. Daniel Day-Lewis now enjoys his best days surrounded by lush greenery and foliage in the Irish-countryside of Wicklow.  

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Shania Twain 

Shania Twain is a Canadian pop-country singer who rose to stardom with her second album, "The Woman in Me," which sold more than 18 million copies and won her a Grammy Award for country album of the year 1995. Over the years, she continued producing chart-topping hits, which rendered her the first female recording artist to have two back-to-back albums exceeding the 10 million mark in sold copies and best-selling female country musician. Shania, however, showed no interest in indulging in the lavish Hollywood lifestyle when she left Canada. Instead, she now calls Europe home and enjoys a quiet life in the Swiss town of Corseaux.

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Tina Turner 

Where does Tina Turner rest her famous legs after a long day's work? Well, nowhere near Hollywood. Though the prolific singer is nowhere near the showbiz hotspot, we bet her exceptional voice can be heard from anywhere. The luminary singer's quest for privacy led her to Europe, where she now lives in the renowned area of Switzerland, Lake Zurich. 

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George Clooney

Even America's most refined man needs to have some normalcy in his life without cameras flashing from all directions. As a result, Clooney and his lovely wife Amal moved to Lake Como, Italy, where they can have the best of both worlds - privacy and great food. With a beautiful 18th Century house overlooking Lake Como, we doubt Clooney is ever coming back to Los Angeles. 

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Matthew McConaughey

With deeply ingrained Southern ways and accents, it is not a surprise that Matthew McConaughey gave up the Hollywood lifestyle after a while and revisited his roots in Texas, where he grew up. Also, what better way to teach your children about their culture than taking them to the heart of it?  

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Michael Keaton

The "Batman" flew far from Hollywood, and he loves it. Michael Keaton is an outdoor lover, and California could never contain him with his hobbies being hiking, fishing, canoeing, or just hanging out by the lake. When he is not on set, Michael jets back to his Montana ranch to be one with nature and family. The Batman is not returning!

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John Travolta

This Grease star is not entirely sold out to the plush Hollywood scene. The multi-talented actor who doubles as a pilot lives in Jumboliar Aviation Estates in Ocala, Florida. John was reportedly the first resident of the 550-acre community that carters for need fly-in, fly-out access. The property comes with a 7500-foot runway, but Travolta extended it to reach his house. Hollywood was never going to hold his jets anyway!

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Demi Moore

Like every other celebrity on this list, Demi steered as far away from the limelight as this led her to a sprawling house in Hailey, Idaho, that she bought in 2000. According to Moore, the house offers the perfect hideaway from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. 

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Donald Glover

Glover is an established actor and a musician who goes by the stage name "Childish Gambino"—knowing that you'd expect him to live in Hollywood. To live his life without the attention that comes with being in Hollywood, Childish Gambino spends his downtime days in picturesque Hawaii. The actor, however, upgraded to a posh estate in Los Angeles. 

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Robert Redford

Having moved out of Los Angeles decades ago, the legend Robert Redford has established his roots in Sundance, Utah, where he is well-known and liked among residents. As a result of the extended stay in Sundance, Utah, Robert Redford founded the Sundance Institute to direct, produce, and oversee the annual Sundance Film Festival. 

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Diddy may have a strong showbiz presence wherever he goes. However, when he is not attending a Gala, popping up at award shows, or simply not working, Diddy likes to spend his time away from the limelight at his two-story home on Miami Beach's exclusive Star Island since he sold his properties in New Jersey, Alpine, and, recently, New York City. 

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Tom Selleck

Even after being a Hollywood household name for decades, Selleck loves his private life in his 63-acre Ventura, California, ranch where he lives with his wife, Jillie. "I'm a fairly private person," the actor, who shot to fame with Magnum P.I. in the 1980s. He went on, "My relationships and my ranch keep me sane. And I've always treasured the balance between work and time with my family. It's always about them." 

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Denise Richards 

Hiding from the spotlight is such a blissful feeling that more celebrities are thinking of doing it. Denise star took to Instagram to reveal that she and her husband Aaron Phypers, are making plans to move to Montana part-time. Denise revealed that Montana gave her the same sense of simplicity and peace as Los Angeles.

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Chris Pratt

When this movie star is not starring in Guardians of the Galaxy or Jurassic World, Chris enjoys raising sheep on his farm in Washington State. Chris even has prize-winning wool to back up his handy work. According to Chris, the ranch is his "special slice of heaven." Living off the grid opens you to endless opportunities for doing things you love. 

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Mark Ruffalo

The Hulk and his family of five calls a 50-acre plot of land in upstate New York home. Far enough from all the noise and commotion in Manhattan and Hollywood. According to Ruffalo, the question that led to the estate's purchase is what their being in Manhattan or Hollywood was adding to their lives. With the mutual goal being to simplify life, the only option left was to move, and that was what they did.  

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Josh Lucus

The Sweet Home Alabama actor moved his family to Indonesia. In one of her posts, his ex-wife took to Instagram to explain how she is watching a picture-perfect sunset in one second, and the next, she is swatting away mosquitoes and trying to keep frogs out of her house. She wrote, "One moment I'm madly in love with this nature soaked isolation and the next, I'm on sky scanner checking flights back to civilization." 

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Kanye West

While Kim Kardashian is undoubtedly a city girl who is less likely to swap Los Angeles for a full-time ranch-life, Kanye West recently bought his family ranch in Wyoming, leaving everyone eager on whether the West family is having any plans of moving. Kim Kardashian, however, admits that she loves the idea of it for summers and weekends.

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Amy Smart and Carter Oosterhouse

This cute couple is content with their off the grid life and will not be looking to trade spaces with anyone anytime soon. The Oosterhouses have settled in a 100-year-old farmhouse in Traverse City, Michigan, which is the perfect hideaway for their little family and to raise their beautiful baby girl. 

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Renee Zellweger 

When the glitz of Hollywood got too much for Renee, she purchased a countryside property located in Pomfret Center, Connecticut, where she lived for almost a decade before listing the property in the market in 2014. However, after several price adjustments, it looks like the actress has decided not to sell the 3,463 square foot main house after all. 

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Steve Martin

The renowned comedian's search for some quietness landed him in the small town Brevard, North Carolina. It is rather apparent that the comedian enjoys his time and stay there since he frequently collaborates with the Steep Canyon Rangers. 

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Christian Slater

Actor Christian Slater's happy place was built in 1928 by the name "Villa Dolce Far Niente" in Coconut Grove, Florida. He bought the Spanish-style home for $2.2 million, and it came with 2,971 square feet of living space, four bedrooms, and 3.5 bathrooms.

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Elijah Wood 

Though he recently listed it on the market, the Lord of the Rings actor spends his time in his 130-year-old classic Victorian home In Austin, Texas, that he bought back in 2012. The 3,285-square-foot home has a third-story that offers a perfect view of the Austin skyline.  

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Clearly, for most of these celebrities, showbiz is just a means to an end. Their talents have put them in careers requiring them to be famous and be in the spotlight for every detail of their lives. We bet some even wish that their jobs did not come with all the attention because they are human beings who crave privacy and lowkey life just like some of us. Aside from the personas they embody for us in their captivating films, they are human beings after all with rather reserved personalities, and they prefer to escape all the attention until the next time their careers come calling.    

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