Most Expensive Things Ever Sold On eBay

Aug 18, 2021Ionut

We've probably sold and bought stuff from eBay. But very few can say, if anyone, that their purchases came close to what comes next on this list. From a $168 million Gigayacht to a Magic The Gathering "Black Lotus" Card for $250,000, let's take a look at the most expensive sales ever made on the site.

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Gulfstream II ($4.9 million)

In 2001, the level was raised far beyond the average person’s lifetime income for the most expensive item ever sold on eBay. A private Gulfstream II business jet, developed by Grumman in 1966, was sold by Texas company Tyler Jet to an African charter jet company. Although the jet is currently not legal to fly, it sure makes for one of the most impressive sales ever made on eBay.

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Gigayacht ($168 million)

Everywhere you look, you’ll most likely see Frank Mulder’s $168 million Gigayacht listed as the most expensive item ever sold on eBay, but the story is a little fishy. First, the yacht has never been confirmed to actually exist, and, 4Yacht, the company promoting the auction, has also pulled several similar publicity stunts without an actual product to back it up. Also, Forbes was not able to contact either 4Yacht or billionaire Roman Abramovich, who is supposedly the buyer, to confirm the deal. 

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Crypt Above Marilyn Monroe ($4.6 million)

Westwood Memorial Park’s Corridor of Memories is the chosen final resting place for many famous people, like Dean Martin, Farrah Fawcett, Natalie Wood, and more, including the famous beauty symbol Marilyn Monroe. Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner owns the place right next to Monroe and a man named Richard Poncher is currently situated above her. In 2009, Poncher’s widow sold this particular plot on eBay for $4.6 million, hoping to move her husband’s body to an adjacent plot. 

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Lunch with Warren Buffett ($3.5 million)

He has an approximated net worth of $74.7 billion, and we can safely say that he is envied by many. Warren Buffett is one of the richest people on the planet. The Oracle of Omaha is regarded as one of the best financial minds out there and had managed to amount over $23.6 million for charity by auctioning a lunch with him on eBay every year starting in 2000. The highest sum for one so far has been $3.5 million, which surprisingly had been reached twice already. 

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1959 Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder LWB ($3.26 million)

When it comes to sports cars, Ferrari is widely seen as one of the most successful brands in the world. Who can argue with that? Just take a look at their cars. The first North American LWB version from 1959 got the highest sale price on the eBay motors category. The classic Ferrari car can spark the envy of every car enthusiast out there.

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Action Comics #1 ($3.2 million)

As it stands now, Marvel consistently outranks DC at the box office, but comic book collectors know there are only two books that can be legitimately described as the “holy grail” of comics – Detective Comics #27 which features the first appearance of Batman, and Action Comics #1 which contains the first appearance of Superman. And it was on eBay itself where the Superman one achieved the world record as the most expensive comic ever sold.

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Albert Einstein’s God Letter ($3 million)

Albert Einstein is very well-known as one of the most important scientists in history, and in 2012, an auction company posted a letter that he wrote to Jewish philosopher Erik Gutkind in 1954. The historic document contains Einstein's thoughts where he dismisses religion as fairy tales and expresses his belief that God is “for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weaknesses…” 

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Atlas Missile Base ($2.1 million)

When it comes to end-of-the-world preppers, they are known to spend a lot of money to make sure they survive the next possible apocalypse. One of the more famous eBay listings is an Atlas Missile Silo in upstate New York’s Adirondack State Park that was constructed during the Cold War and sold on the site in 2002. Sellers Bruce Francisco and Gregory Gibbons purchased the property, prepared it, and built a home on the plot. It was bought by an anonymous couple for $2.1 million soon after. 

Image Credits: Getty Images/Denver Post/Denver Post/For Illustrative Purpose

Town of Bridgeville, CA ($1.8 million)

When it comes to entire towns listed on eBay, many shenanigans occur during these listings. So this is a famous town whose winning bid was small, but it fell through. And Town of Bridgeville did eventually sell, multiple times, and has an already famous transactional history that’s worth looking into if curious.

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1909 Honus Wagner Baseball Card ($1.3 million)

Seen by collectors all over the world as the holy grail of baseball cards, the 1909 Honus Wagner card was issued in a very limited set. Only 50 of these cards are known to exist, and apparently, it holds the world record for the most expensive card ever sold. This makes the eBay auction a fantastic deal for Brian Siegal, who afterward wold the card for a profit of almost $2 million. 

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The Town of Albert, Texas ($2.5 Million)

Found roughly 100 km (62 miles) outside of San Antonio, Albert is a 13-acre abandoned town that once had a population of only 50 people in 1925. The small town was sold on eBay in 2007. Albert was founded in the late 1800s and originally managed to qualify as a town because it used to own a post office.

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All Star Comics #8 ($936,223)

It was originally sold for $0.10 in 1941 and now it's worth as much as a fancy house. All-Star Comics #8 was sold in 2017 for a staggering USD 936,223. This particular comic is notable because it features the first appearance of Wonder Woman, as well as her origin story.

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Elvis Presley’s Baby Grand Piano ($375,190)

Elvis Presley’s 1912 Wm. Knab & Co. grand piano was sold in 2017. This historic piano has been played and recorded on by musical legends for almost a century, starting with Duke Ellington in the 1930s. After he bought it in 1957, Elvis had it redone according to his personal specifications, then kept it in his home where it was used frequently for personal practice, performances, and jam sessions for many years to come.

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Black Lotus Magic Card ($250,000)

Very recently, the most expensive Magic: The Gathering card ever was actually sold on eBay. It was a mint condition Black Lotus from the limited-edition Alpha set, which was the very first printing of Magic cards ever made, so it's no surprise it got such a price considering the popularity of the game.

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A Trading Card Signed by Tom Brady ($400,100)

A certain Tom Brady 2000 autographed Playoff Contenders Championship ticket trading card was sold for $400,100. It managed to set a record for the highest sum ever paid for such a football card, according to eBay. The card is also signed by the six-time Super Bowl-winning New England Patriots quarterback.

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A 1997 Michael Jordan Precious Metal Gems Card ($350,100)

Another crazy item was a Michael Jordan 1997 Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems card that managed to sell on eBay for $350,100. The card is one of only ten ever made and it was the highest-priced basketball card ever sold on the site.

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A 2015 Lamborghini Aventador Roadster ($349,800)

This car sold for $349,800 on eBay. The 2015 Lamborghini Aventador Roadster is a glorious car, for which we're not surprised when it comes to getting this deal. The Aventador Roadster has an aspirated 6.5-liter V-12 engine, putting out 515 kW, or about 690 horsepower. An incredible car indeed. 

Image Credits: Getty Images/Corbis News/Horacio Villalobos/For Illustrative Purpose

A 2014 Newmar King Aire Motorhome ($280,000)

This exquisite motorhome, the 2014 Newmar King Aire sold for $280,000 on eBay. Just take a glance at how it looks inside and you will understand why such an RV can amass such an amazing price. It probably looks better than a lot of apartments out there. 

Image Credits: YouTube/Transwest Truck Trailer RV of Frederick/For Illustrative Purpose

Ferrari Enzo ($1 million)

This model is the pillar of Italian engineering. And it doesn't look bad either. Actually, a poster of it probably sits in many rooms, which is no surprise. And a Ferrari Enzo managed to be sold on eBay for a whopping sum of 1 million dollars to a lucky bidder. 

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/Axion23/For Illustrative Purpose

‘Shoeless Joe’ Jackson’s Baseball Bat ($583,500)

"Shoeless Joe” Jackson was well-known for having many peculiarities, including giving names to pretty much all his baseball bats. His favorite bat was called “Black Betsy.” We wonder how he might call this one after making no less than $583,500 at an auction, considering that he never earned more than 8000 dollars per year. 

Image Credits: Getty Images/The Washington Post/Evelio Contreras/For Illustrative Purpose

Patek Philippe Grand Complications Watch ($535,499.99)

This beautiful exemplar would sit well on pretty much any hand. Lucky hand too. A model of this particular watch sold for almost half a million dollars at an auction. Patek Philippe is well-known for its extravagant and incredible watches. 

Image Credits: Instagram/goldentimeco/For Illustrative Purpose

2017 Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 Super Veloce ($499,900)

The beautiful Lamborghini Aventador sold for no less than half a million dollars on eBay. Its car section makes up for many transactions on the website, but some of them really stand out with their incredible auction prices. This is one of them, and there is no surprise. Just look at that car. 

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/Falcon® Photography/For Illustrative Purpose

2018 Porsche 911 GT2 RS ($470,000)

Porsche is a well-known car manufacturer, with exquisite cars sitting in collections all over the world. The 2018 Porsche 911 GT2 RS is one such car. Great design, impressive engineering, and a price to match it all, as it sold on an auction on eBay for almost half a million US dollars. 

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/Vauxford/For Illustrative Purpose

2015 Lamborghini Aventador ($362,000)

Yes, another car, and another Lamborghini Aventador. What can we say, it's a good looking car, and who wouldn't want to own one. This model is yet another one who got sold on eBay's cars category for an incredible price. 

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/Vauxford/For Illustrative Purpose

2016 McLaren 675LT Coupe ($325,800)

Another legendary car brand makes our list, McLaren. This time with the modern 2016 McLaren 675LT Coupe, which is as fast as good looking. A small yet powerful car that would look good in any car enthusiast's garage. This one sold for 325,000 dollars on eBay. 

Image Credits: Pixabay/Ernie A. Stephens/For Illustrative Purpose

2013 Robinson R-44 Raven II Helicopter ($325,200)

Yep, this time we move on to flying vehicles, with this incredible helicopter. The 2013 Robinson R-44 Raven II was sold on eBay for the incredible price of 325,200 US dollars. What can we say, flying around sure beats driving, and we're sure the lucky bidder will enjoy this awesome helicopter. 

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/Ronnie Macdonald/For Illustrative Purpose

2014 Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 ($319,900)

This car is really popular. Quite a few versions of it, one more impressive than the other, were sold on eBay. This time an older one, the 2014 Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 was sold for 319,900 US dollars and it will surely make its new owner very lucky to sit in their garage. 

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/Alexandre Prévot/For Illustrative Purpose

2017 Mercedes-Benz-S-Class Maybach S 650 Cabriolet ($318,00)

This car was sold on eBay in 2020 for 318,000 US dollars. It's an epitome of luxury and high-class when it comes to cars and we can surely say that it is made for the people who want to feel as rich as they can when being in a car. And the 2017 Mercedes-Benz-S-Class Maybach S 650 Cabriolet is bound to achieve just that. 

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/Matti Blume/For illustrative Purpose

2015 Rolls-Royce Other Base Coupe 2-Door ($274,888)

None other than the British legendary manufacturer Rolls-Royce makes our list this time. And with the incredible 2015 Rolls-Royce Other Base Coupe 2-Door that sold on eBay for the incredible price of 274,888 US dollars in 2020. The lucky owner will definitely feel classy and elegant in such an amazing car. 

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/Kārlis Dambrāns/For Illustrative Purpose

Have you seen any similar items selling on eBay in your region? Let us know if you think the ones featured on our list deserve the price they've got, and if you would buy any of them if the opportunity appeared. Share your thoughts with us! Also, please don't forget to share this article with your friends!

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