Halloween Hacks

Aug 18, 2021Leo Chiu

Halloween is right down the corner... getting excited yet? We are for sure. However, along with it came the frustrations of getting the costumes and decorations ready. But fret not - we discovered different hacks for you, just to make that part slightly easier on your wallet. Here are some DIY Halloween hacks to get you through the season. 

Image Credits: Hey Let's Make Stuff/CORI GEORGE

Toilet Paper Roll Candles

Halloween is never complete without some candle holders - and well, candles, to get that perfect lighting for the spooky setup. But instead of purchasing some fancy candle holders, you can simply repurpose something you already have at home - toilet paper rolls for example. Here's how to make it. 

Image Credits: Make Life Lovely/Laura

Plastic Bag Skeleton

Well, if you are looking at some spooky decorations in your backyard, look no further, as we have the perfect idea for you - what about some skeletons? However, instead of buying one from the shop, you can simply reuse the old plastic bags you have at home. Here's the step by step instruction on how to make one. 

Image Credits: Instructables/CuriousTangles

Milk Jug Skeletons 

If the plastic bag skeletons look too scary for you, we have one alternative you can consider - instead of using plastic bags, use old milk jugs instead. This version requires quite a bit more cutting, but the result is a very cute and adorable skeleton decoration for your backyard. 

Image Credits: Make Zine/Rachelhobson

Orange Pumpkin Lanterns

Halloween cannot be quite complete without some pumpkin lanterns. But we know, we know, depending on where you live, pumpkins can be quite difficult to come by, and craving one does take some time. What about some replacements? Well, you can use oranges for that. Simply dig out the middle and release your imagination and start carving! 

Image Credits: Rebecca's DIY

Tin Can Ghosts 

Making ghost decorations for Halloween can be tricky - you would want it to be light enough to be able to float around with the wind, to get that spooky feeling. We got the answer for you - you can recycle some tin cans and white ribbons (you can even replace those with old plastic bags), then a bit of black and white paint would do the rest of the job. You can even be more creative and experiment with the color! 

Image Credits: Chicken Scratch NY/Alecia

Wine Glass Candle Holders 

Wine glasses don't come cheap, so perhaps you don't want to use actual wine glasses - however, if you happen to have some old plastic wine glasses from the party, simply paint it over with some paint and turn it upside down. There you go, some quick DIY candle holders! 

Image Credits: Crafts by Amanda

Laundry Basket Cage 

Your imagination is the only limitation - who would have thought old laundry baskets can be reused to make Halloween decorations as well? Simply get some metallic paint and spray it over, then hang them up with some metal chains... voila! DIY "metal" cages. 

Image Credits: A Little Craft in Your Day

Hula Hoop Spider Web

We know, not everyone is fond of spiders, but if you want to add that extra spookiness to your Halloween decorations, perhaps you can consider adding some spiders to your collection. Not real ones, of course, but maybe consider repurposing hula hoops as the base for the spider web decoration?

Image Credits: Over the Big Moon/Kari | Rad + the Rest

Mason Jars Decoration 

Mason jars and spookiness go hand in hand together - do you remember how many times in movies you see spooky mason jars lying around, with scary content contained inside? Well, unleash your inner fear and make use of some old mason jars to make some spooky decorations for the upcoming Halloween! 

Image Credits: Hey Let's Make Stuff/CORI GEORGE

Ring Jar Pumpkin

If you followed our recommendations and made use of the mason jars for the decorations, you might have some leftover rings from the jars. But fret not - they won't need to go to waste. You can simply reuse them to make a mini-pumpkin decoration, and the process is pretty straight forward as well. 

Image Credits: Yellow Bliss Road

Fence Board Decorations

Depends on where you live, you might have old fence boards lying around your backyard. If that's the case, why not repurpose them into some cute Halloween decorations to save some money? You also get to unleash your imagination and paint whatever you want on top! 

Image Credits: Making Manzanita

Rib Cage T-Shirt

Costumes for Halloween is always a big headache around this time of the year - apart from the fact that we have to buy something, which one to buy can also be quite a headache. But fret not - if you have some old white T-shirts lying around, why not give it a new life by turning it into a rib cage T-shirt, for example? 

Image Credits: MarthaStewart.com

Pumpkin Jars 

Well, good news for you here - they are not really made out of pumpkins. Instead, they are repurposed jars that look like pumpkins, which is a perfect DIY perfect for your kids to go trick-or-treating this coming Halloween. Just some old jars and paint can really do wonder - also a perfect DIY project that your kids can take part in! 

Image Credits: Makeit-Loveit/ASHLEY

Duct Tape Buckets 

Duct tapes can really do wonders - basically, anything you can think of, you can make it with duct tapes. Of course, you might need some other materials, but overall it's never really that difficult. With this project, all you need is some old tin cans, some cardboard, and some duct tapes. Just unleash all your inner imagination! 

Image Credits: MerMag Blog

Ombre Wine Bottles

Don't throw away your empty wine bottles just yet! With the right materials, and of course, imagination, you can really repurpose them and make something wonderful out of them. For example, some ombre wine bottle centerpieces - some old bottles and spray paint is all you need, and the result can really amaze you! 

Image Credits: Brit+Co/Misty Spinney

Mummy Luminary

Yup, here we go with mason jars again. This time a bit different though - again, your imagination is the only limitation, and with a bit of creativity, you can create something entirely different. This time with the mummy luminary, just repurpose some old mason jars and cheesecloth (or some bandages for that authentic look) and put some eye decorations on the jar then you're done. Pretty simple, right? 

Image Credits: BrenDid

Halloween Heels

This particular example is for women only, as it reused some old heels and give them that extra festive vibe - however, with some imagination this can also be implemented to various clothing items. The idea is simple - just get some gel-pens and paint and unleash your inner artist! The same can be done to old sneakers as well... or any other old clothing items you can think of. 

Image Credits: Instructables/annaparr79

Halloween Lanterns 

Of course, you can simply follow our recommendations above and make lanterns out of oranges or even go for an actual pumpkin. However, no need to worry if you don't have any of the above - you can also repurpose old tin cans and make lanterns out of them. Simply paint them over and cut out the shape, then install some lights inside and... voila! DIY Halloween lanterns. Be careful not to cut yourself though. 

Image Credits: Instructables/i-ve

Halloween Body Bags 

So far, the decorations we have on this list have been pretty lighthearted - however, if you want to go for that extra level of spookiness, maybe you can consider making this - simply make use of old plastic jars and bottles to shape the body, then wrap black plastic bags around it to make it look like a body bag... pretty scary, eh? 

Image Credits: Pinterest/Kirsta Craig Houchin

Pallet Halloween Coffin

This one is a little bit more advanced than the others on this list and would require some woodworking skills. However, if you are up for the challenge and got some old wooden planks lying around, why not give this a shot? But warning here: woodworking can be dangerous with the use of power tools and safety equipment is a must. Be careful! 

Image Credits: Instructables/velokenneth

Tissue Box Tattle Monster 

If you're looking for a fun DIY project you can do with your kids, then look no further - this is a relatively simple project that repurposes something you already have at home, and the result is a cute, adorable tattle monster that isn't scary at all. The main materials you would need are some old tissue boxes and egg cartons, then with some paint and glue, you are all set. 

Image Credits: Giggles Galore

Trash Bag Spider Webs

As we mentioned earlier, spider webs are pretty much a staple of Halloween decoration - however, if you don't want to go for the aerosol spray version that can leave a mess in your house, maybe you can consider using some trash bags instead? Simply fold them up and cut out the pattern, it's that simple. 

Image Credits: Fast Forward/LILLY

DIY Witch Broom 

Halloween is never quite complete without a witch costume, and that often requires a broomstick. Of course, if you have the old fashioned broom you are all set; if you don't, however, it actually isn't that difficult to make one - for Halloween at least. Just a long branch or stick with some wild weeds will do the trick. 

Image Credits: A Piece of Rainbow/Ananda

Cereal Boxes Tombstones 

If you have some old cereal boxes lying around, don't throw them away just yet! It is possible to repurpose them and turn them into tombstone decorations for the upcoming Halloween. The process will take some time, and requires some skills - but if you have the time and dedication, the result is extremely rewarding. 

Image Credits: Soap Deli News/Rebecca

Egg Carton Bats 

It's normal to throw away egg cartons once you finished all the eggs - however, they are actually pretty handy when it comes to DIY crafts. Here's a simple idea for you - simply cut out the shape and paint them black, then stick some wiggly eyes on them... and voila! You now have some bat decorations for Halloween! 

Image Credits: Happy Clippings

Here are some of the DIY Halloween hacks we have for you - which one is your favorite? Have you tried making any of these? Did we miss any of them? Let us know if you tried making them! If you enjoyed reading this, why not share it with your friends and family, and perhaps create something together? 

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