The Best Dish Soap Hacks

Aug 26, 2021Roshanak

There’s nothing better than finding great hacks online, especially when it involves that many people already have at home. Dish soap is a necessity, and everyone uses it every day. But you might be surprised to learn that you don’t know its full potential. It’s perfect for removing hair dye, and it’ll work miracles on your toilet. Let’s find out more!

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Unfortunately, accidents happen, especially if you have children at home. They can get their weirdest things on their hair such as gum, Silly Putty, etc. Adults have accidents too. But you can use dish soap to remove it. It works best for anything that’s too greasy. Additionally, most of these products are mild. So, there won’t be any hair damage.

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Considering the fact that you can remove gum from hair using dish soap, then it’s not surprising that it works great when your hair is too greasy. You can use dish soap before your regular shampoo to remove the entire excess first. Additionally, if you have used too many styling products, this product will also be your savior.

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Since you clean drinking glasses with dish soap, it’s not crazy to imagine that your windows could be perfectly fine with the same product. It’s time to stop wasting money on unnecessary products when you have one that works even better. You just need to dissolve some drops of dish soap in water and use a spray bottle to apply it. Now get scrubbing!

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Even if you’re not avid fishers, rods can often accumulate grease from use and other dirty things. You don’t need a special kit to keep them in top shape, though. All you truly need is dish soap, a rag, and some water. If there’s too much gunk, you could employ a tiny brush too to help scrub things away.

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Any parent out there knows that kids get their sneakers incredibly dirty, and sometimes, the washing machine simply does not get all the dirt out. The soles are particularly hard to clean after some time. However, dish soap works perfectly. Just use a brush and dish soap dissolved in water to remove the tougher spots on shoes. Afterward, dry them on top of paper towels.

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Stick stain removers are a miracle, but if you’re on a budget, you might not be able to afford them. However, you can treat oily stains with dish soap just fine as well. Anything from lipstick, butter, cooking oil, and more will come right off. Put a dollop of dish soap on the area and brush it with an old toothbrush until the stain is gone. Afterward, put it in your washing machine as always.

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This might be one of the most surprising hacks because it does not involve cleaning. But there are several uses of dish soap in gardening, and this is just one of them. You can make a DIY fertilizer for grass using corn syrup, Coke, and dish soap. Mix them all together in a spray bottle and sprinkle it on your grass after watering it.

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Naturally, if dish soap can remove grease from hair, dishes, and clothes, it also works great on your hands. Additionally, many brands of dish soap have adapted to have nutrients like Vitamin D to protect your skin. If your husband works on the garage too much or your kids like to paint with oil-based colors, this is the answer!

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This is another hack that doesn’t have to do with cleaning. Most people might have experienced problems with gas leaks for their outdoor barbecues. While it’s not necessarily dangerous, it’s a pain as you will have to replace it often. However, you can use dish soap and water to detect any leaks. Coat the tank, valve, regulator, and hose with the solution (make sure it’s not too watery). Turn the valve on, and if any bubbles form, that’s a leak!

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During the current global situation, kids are spending all their time at home. Parents are always looking for new ways to entertain them that don’t involve gadgets and don’t break the bank. Toddlers will love making bubbles with dish soap. Just mix half a cup of sugar with 4 cups of warm water. Afterward, add half a cup of dish soap. Let it rest for several hours before using it. It’ll be so much fun.

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Everyone loves a great gardening hack! However, this one is also about cleaning. If you are growing moss at home, dish soap will help you control its growth. Meanwhile, you might want to get rid of any moss that has accumulated on your sidewalk or roof. This product is the solution as well. Just mix two tablespoons of the liquid into a gallon of water and soak the moss to kill it.

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By now, you probably know that anything that can be cleaned with dish soap. People have all kinds of back porches, and if it’s stone or concrete, use as much dish soap as you want and lots of water. However, if you have a wooden backyard, you have to be more careful. Buy the milder kinds and ensure that you dry it well.

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Great upholstery cleaners are expensive, and it’s so hard to remove accumulated grease from couches or car seats. But you can easily make a mixture of half a cup of vinegar, one cup of warm water, and half a tablespoon of liquid dish soap. Place it in a spray bottle and sprinkle it over the desires areas. Scrub with a brush or rag until the stains have vanished.

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This is another great hack for your hair! Dish soap contains high sulfate levels, and this will naturally remove hair dye after several uses. Just mix a bit of dish soap with your regular shampoo and wash your hair with it. Afterward, make sure that you use conditioner because dish soap could cause dryness.

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Grout is a huge problem in the kitchen and the bathroom, but dish soap is just the perfect solution. Cleaning between your tiles has never been easier. Just mix a cup of white vinegar, dish soap, and lemon juice. Make sure that the soap dissolves well. Use a spray bottle to sprinkle it on the edges of your tiles, let it sit for several minutes, and scrub thoroughly. The dirt should come off quickly.

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Most people think that you have to use special laundry detergent for their clothes. However, dish soaps like Dawn work perfectly. The only difference is that dish soaps make more bubbles than detergent. Therefore, you have to use fewer amounts of it. One teaspoon of Dawn should work great for a small load, while 3 teaspoons are the norm for large loads.

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It might not be spring, but it’s always great to do a thorough cleaning of your house ever once in a while. Any glass items you have at home such as vases, tchotchkes, etc. can be cleaned with dish soap. These things accumulate grease and dirt over time because people forget to dust them. Therefore, mix a ¼ cup of white vinegar, one cup of water, and 3 drops of dish soap together. Spray the solution on the items and wash away!

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Naturally, if you can do laundry and clean oil with dish soap, then it should work for armpit stains. However, these are normally harder to remove because they grow over time. But you just have to mix one ounce of Dawn dish soap and two ounces of hydrogen peroxide. Pour the solution on the stains and let it rest for, at least, an hour. You can also add baking soda if the stains are too tough. Afterward, place these shirts on your washing machine.

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Now that everyone knows how great dish soap can be for stain removal, it makes sense to use for carpets. You just have to ensure that you remove all excess of the product or it could damage it. Additionally, you can make a DIY carpet cleaner for your machines. Mix ¼ cup of white vinegar, 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide, 1 tablespoon of Dawn dish soap, and warm water. Pour it in the vacuum refill bottle. Now, you can use it normally.

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Any injury has to be sanitized properly to avoid infection. Anyone with kids needs to have a first aid kit available, but they don’t need any fancy soap. Dish soap will work perfectly, as most are pretty mild. Once the bleeding has stopped, clean the affected area thoroughly and pat it dry. Additionally, dish soap is great for sanitizing your hands, especially in today’s world.

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Oven and grill racks can accumulate tons of dirt over time, although grills are even more susceptible because you place the food directly on the rack. But dish soap can help remove any residue. Just mix hot water and dish soap in a bucket and soak the racks for several minutes. Longer if there’s too much dirt accumulated. Additionally, you can clean the rest of the oven and grill with the product as well.

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Jewelry accumulates grease over time as it’s exposed to touch and human sweat. Dish soap is perfect for removing it because it won’t damage the pieces. Mix hot water, ammonia, and a tiny squirt of dish soap to make a great cleaning solution. Use a toothbrush dipped in it to start scrubbing your jewelry until they look squeaky clean.

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Since dish soap is great for removing grease, stains, and sanitizing, it’s the perfect cleaner for your makeup utensils. These items gather all kinds of bacteria over time as well as sweat, oils, etc. Luckily, you can mix liquid coconut oil and dish soap to make a cleaner. You can clean your brushes with it, but for sponges, freeze the mixture. Once it’s frozen, you only need to swirl them on the surface to remove everything.

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Anyone that has dealt with acne knows that most products are too expensive, but dish soap is a great replacement. Dawn is particularly great because it’s designed to be gentle on your skin, and it removes oil/grease. You can keep your face clean from residue to reduce breakouts. It can also work for back acne and the rest of your body.

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Are you a fan of Mary Kay Satin Hands? The exfoliant is fantastic for a manicure, but it can get pretty pricey. Luckily, you can make your own with some dish soap. The catch is that you need to find one designed to protect your hands such as Dawn Hand Renewal. Mix it with sugar, and you’re ready to do your nails at home!

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Having an ice pack in the freezer in case of accidents is always a great idea. Parents, in particular, might want to use this hack. Take a Ziploc bag and fill half of it with dish soap. Flatten it so that the soap spans the rest of the bag and freeze it. The liquid won’t freeze completely as it’s not exactly water. Therefore, it’s a flexible ice pack.

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Naturally, you can also clean your eyeglasses with dish soap just as your windows and other glass items. However, the product is also used to prevent fogging, which is a huge issue for glass-wearers in 2020. Mix dish soap, rubbing alcohol, and water. Then, use a microfiber cloth to rub the solution over the crystals. Rinse, and you’re ready to go!

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Products for unclogging toilets can be expensive and some might not even work. However, this hack says that you can add a cup of dish soap and let it rest for 30 minutes. Afterward, pour a big pot of hot water on the bowl. Make sure it’s really hot. You can repeat the process if the obstruction is too thick.

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While most people buy special pet shampoo for their beloved animals, it’s not really that necessary. Dish soap with work just great at removing any dirt they have accumulated. But, there’s also another benefit. The product will repel fleas. Just remember to buy the regular kind of dish soap and not the ones that have bleach or similar additives.

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It’s time to take advantage of this inexpensive product that you already have at home! Let us know which hack was the most useful. If you liked this article, share it with your friends that spend too much on other cleaning products. See you next time!

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