Little girl adorably dances to her favorite Blake Shelton song

A toddler was recorded by their parents dancing to Blake Shelton’s Boys ‘Round Here in the middle of their kitchen and the video went viral in no time.

Even though the 4-minute-long footage was uploaded to Mandy B’s YouTube channel in 2013, it was so popular that people have been talking about it even now, almost five months later.

In the video, the girl is shown sitting on the kitchen floor enjoying a bag of grapes. Her mother tried to take it away but she refused to let it go. However, as soon as Shelton said the first words of the song, she stood up and began dancing.

Moving from side to side, the little girl seemed to be having a great time by only listening to Boys ‘Round Here, a song that was released in March 2013.

At some point, the girl’s facial expression showed that she was trying to sing the lyrics, but since she could barely speak at her age, it seemed just like if she was lip synching.

As a way to encourage her, the girl’s father could be heard saying ‘shake it, shake it’ over and over again. Half-way through the song, the toddler thought that she had danced enough, so she walked out of the camera’s sight.

However, her mother called her back ‘onstage’ and she started dancing again, including spins and arm movements that time. She even was heard saying ‘Redneck’ a couple of times, which is one of the words that Shelton sings in his song.

While the girl might have seemed like Boys ‘Round Here’s biggest fan, that song was very popular when it was released. As a matter of fact, it reached number 60 in the US Billboard Hot 100 in 2013.

Apart from that, it got the 3x Platinum certification in the US after reaching more than 2,550,000 certified sales.

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