Here's how women past 40 and 50 should dress to look young and fresh

It is time for the consumers to stop determining their looks and style according to the birth certificate. There are a number of easy-to-follow tips to free us from the standards learned from advertising.

If the 30’s are the new 20’s then the 50’s are the new 40’s, and the fashion industry should have women over 50 as their targets, instead of ignoring them. Lila Ochoa, director of Fucsia, has 10 pieces of advice to make the best of your style.

Even though some changes are been made, most of the photos we see in magazines and billboards are of skinny and young women. The invisibility of any other kind of women sends the wrong message to the community.

Just by watching the shows at Paris Fashion Week one can easily come to the conclusion that this generation is starving itself to death in a very dangerous and silly game.

A 20-year-model reduced to the bone to the point of resembling a skeleton looks unhealthy and wore off. Looking fresh and young has nothing to do with the age. Here is what you need to know

1. Wear anything that makes you feel well. The mirror is your best friend. Don’t listen to what your friends say but follow your intuition.

2. Don’t become obsessed with fashion trends. But what you like and use it as you will. The idea is to look hip but timeless and effortless. 3. Comfortable shoes are always the best shoes. Bunions are proof that high heels hurt your feet.

4. Don’t buy cheap clothes. We are talking quality over quantity here. Having fewer clothes but of a higher quality is better than having a lot of questionable quality clothes that two rounds in the washing machine.5. Be wise when spending on clothes. A jacket with a good design in a color that goes well with anything is a good idea. It better be long, they are more generous with the figure.  

6. Balance and proportion are key. Loose shirts go well with fitting pants or squirts. Wide pants and squirts, on the other hand, look better with short, tight tops.

7. Having clothes storage for a special occasion is outdated. We are trying to make things simple, not hoarding clothes.8. Accessories are your best allies. A remarkable collar or a pair of striking earrings are good for the day and for the night. A colorful shawl will bring new life to any outfit. 9. Don’t be afraid of being too colorful. It is important to add a little light to your style because the changes age brings to the complexion and hair make necessary to add color to the face.10. Be careful with black. It might be fashion’s favorite color, but after 50 it hardens the facial features. Grey and blue are better alternatives. 
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