Antonio Banderas' daughter is all grown up and looks similar to grandmother, Tippi Hedren

The 21-year-old is growing into a beautiful young lady, but the older she gets the more people see a resemblance between her and her famous grandmother.

Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith share a daughter, Stella Banderas, from their marriage. As a little girl, she looked very much like her mother, but as she has aged she has started to look more like another member of the family. 

Griffith's mother is actress Tippi Hedren, and as she has reached her twenties, Stella has started to take on more and more features that make her look like a young Hedren. A quick glance at Stella's Instagram account confirms it.

Hedren is known for her roles in films such as Marnie and The Birds, and had the most beautiful classic Hollywood look in her youth. 

Stella appears to have inherited Hedren's wise eyes, as well as her full lips and her nose. 

Fans of the 21-year-old have noticed the obvious resemblance in photos on her Instagram account, with many pointing out just how much she looks like a young Hedren.

"You look like your grandma, Tippi," wrote Teresa, while Lesley Rafes added on another photo: "You look like your grandmother. Beautiful"

Others in the comments section felt that she looked more like her father, or even her half-sister, Dakota Johnson.

Griffith also looked very like her mother during her youth, and certainly still shares some of the same features, particularly in her eyes. 

Johnson, looked a great deal like Griffith as a child, particularly in a throwback photo that Griffith posted to Instagram in 2017. 

At this point, Stella has only ever appeared in a few movies back when she was still a toddler. She has yet to make any kind of move into Hollywood or the film industry. 

She may well still be destined for stardom, given her genes, and the family full of actors and actresses, but the 21-year-old has kept her career plans - whatever they may be - quiet for the time being. 

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