Gymnast earns the highest possible score to a Michael Jackson song

The gymnast simply left the crowd breathless when she performed floor routines to one of Michael Jackson’s songs.

Gymnastics is arguably one of the most beautiful sports in the world. Katelyn Ohashi just proved it by performing routines filled with flips, twists, jumps, and contortions.

With her balance beam routines, a 21-year-old UCLA gymnast achieved a perfect score, a feat that is achieved by very few in the sport.

It was a pressure-filled situation when Ohashi went on the stage in 2017. UCLA needed 9.6 to take the trophy home.

While many would have panicked and made mistakes, Ohashi kept her cool. It was not an entirely new situation for the member of the USA Junior National gymnastics team.

In the American Cup in 2013, she even beat Simone Biles, the 2016 Olympic individual all-around gold medalist and balance beam bronze medalist.

Ohashi’s performance in 2017 did not have only gymnastics moves but also some of the signature steps of the King of Pop. She and her coach decided to use Michael Jackson’s song

The audience could not contain their excitement when they saw Ohashi perform the backflips, twirls, and even the moonwalk. She seemed to enjoy every step and made the performance look easy.

With a brilliant mixture of dance moves and gymnastics, she played off the audience’s energy. The mid-air splits and a mid-air somersault were as elegant and acrobatic as they can be.

However, she saved the best for the last as, after several twirls, she landed and bounced into a split, took a couple of steps, and got to the floor in a plant position and stared into the camera to close the performance.

Without a doubt, the judges gave her the highest possible score for the flawless presentation. Ohashi ended up with yet another perfect score. 

Thanks to her performance, UCLA beat Oregon State at the competition with a season-best score of 198. 

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