Funniest Pictures Taken By Construction Workers

Sep 23, 2021Osh Ratnam

Humans have been building things for hundreds of thousands of years, you would think that by now we would have gotten it down. Construction is tough though, in the best of cases it requires years of study and a lot of experience, in the worst cases, well, something dumb happens. Whether these mistakes were made because of bad planning, bad execution, carelessness, or just plain old human idiocy, we can't know. What we do know is that we thank those who took these pictures for our amusement. 

Image Credits: Instagram/oshanightmares

Watch Out! It's a Trap!

Some evil mastermind watched too many Wile E. Coyote cartoons as a kid because this could be straight out of a Saturday morning Looney Tunes cartoon. That's a really heavy-looking pile of bricks on a very insecure-looking piece of wood. Maybe it's a trap to get rid of a pesky safety inspector?

Image Credits: Reddit/Tman0315

That Finger Strength!

Forget about the fact that this man is clearly pretty high up based on the view out of the window. Forget that he's also clearly on the wrong side of the window. Forget that he also clearly isn't wearing a harness or and kind of safety gear. The most pressing thing about this real-life spiderman is that he needs to share his finger strength workout routine. 

Image Credits: Reddit/guitarman871

No Fire Exit for You!

People say that fire exits need to be clear at all times. Other people say no, I don't want to do that. The geniuses at this building clearly decided that every day was opposite day and the best thing to do would be to stack as many things as possible right against the fire exit. 

Image Credits: Reddit/byjimini

And the Point of This Is?

Obviously a ghost lives in this house and even though he can't feel the wind he still likes having a view. In any case, it just seems like a waste of some decent quality building material. Actually, maybe the owners are vampires, not ghosts, and walled off the balcony because of the deadly sunlight?

Image Credits: Instagram/funny_construction_fails

Because Who Would Ever Need That?

This is so much to handle we can't even come up with a joke. What happened here is that the contractor received instructions to put in a railing till the end of the staircase, and they really didn't want to mess up. Unfortunately, the truth is probably that the person doing the work couldn't read so didn't understand the importance of what was inside the red box. 

Image Credits: Instagram/funny_construction_fails

I Swear It Was the Other Side That Messed Up

This actually used to happen to bridges pretty often in the past when building from either end towards the middle was relatively new. It's amazing that they got this close to meeting before they realized that something wasn't quite right though. 

Image Credits: Instagram/funny_construction_fails

This Can't Possibly Be Safe

You know what? This is just a creative solution to a difficult problem. The ladder was too short and the work that needed to be done was too high. The answer? Use a pallet under the stairs to add some height. Lessons to learn? Maybe not one with big slits in it. Maybe use something more stable. Maybe get a taller ladder. 

Image Credits: Reddit/Rabbitrun00

When Your Ladder Isn't Long Enough

See! This person knows how to use ladders effectively to get to the places they need to. Just to be sure, that was a joke. Please do not use ladders like this. It may seem like a good idea at the moment, but it's really dangerous, better to just try and find a longer ladder. 

Image Credits: Reddit/brallner

People Just Don't Seem to Understand Ladders

I thought I could get through this article without having to do any research, but this was just too much to handle. The BBC says that cave paintings have been discovered in Spain that show that humans have been using ladders for at least 10,000 years. Our ancient ancestors are definitely rolling in their graves because we still don't seem to have the hang of it. 

Image Credits: Reddit/Thegoodjokesargon

When a Construction Worker Secretly Wants to Be a Tightrope Walker

Everyone has dreams, if this brave construction worker wants to be a death-defying funambulist (the technical term for tightrope walker), then who are we to say no? The scary part is obviously that the wooden planks are tethered to a LADDER.

Image Credits: Reddit/Kitebart

Creative Solutions

When it comes to matters of faith people will take any risk and this one seems fairly minor actually. Still, we're pretty sure this isn't allowed by safety regulations and don't recommend using excavators in this manner. At least they didn't misuse a ladder.  

Image Credits: Imgur/Zrbpxoc

Looks Like Earth Won This One

Man has been on an epic journey to tame nature. We started with fire, then started making rocks into metal, and have now progressed to the point where we use those metals to create machines that dig into the earth. Sure, volcanoes, earthquakes, and hurricanes happen, but Mother Nature fights back in a multitude of ways.   

Image Credits: Instagram/digga.usa

When You Have the Wrong Plug Type

What else can you do when you bought your machinery in Europe and are trying to make it work in America? It's not as if adaptors are a thing. In all seriousness, please don't ever do this for heavy machinery. Actually, don't do this to anything unless you are a certified electrician and know exactly what you're doing. 

Image Credits: Instagram/mmuscanera

Stay Away!

This is definitely an ingenious plan developed by Papa Smurf to make sure that Smurf Village is safe. Best of all, in a situation where the Smurfs have to come to the human world, they have a ready, mobile hiding spot!

Image Credits: Instagram/x_mikey_rules_x

Because Duct Tape Is Magic and Solves Everything

While it's true that you can do a lot of interesting things with duct tape, securing hazardous pipes at a construction site with it probably isn't the best idea. Maybe there's just water in the pipe, but that upside-down NGER from what we assume is a 'Danger' sticker makes us uncomfortable with this situation. 

Image Credits: Reddit/SnappyFrog123

I Mean, Water Does Technically Put Out Fire

When you're right, you're right. The content of that jug is technically a fire extinguisher. Pretty sure that wouldn't pass a safety inspection though. Also, there isn't enough water in there to actually put out a substantial fire. We just hope that this is some kind of prank, stay safe people! Make sure you have proper fire extinguishers. 

Image Credits: Reddit/sketchbook12

Definitely Sending My Kids Here

The irony here is just too much to bear. They failed at both the architecture part of things and definitely failed the planning part of things. Maybe Ollege is a word? Nope, we tried to check and ended up on a site called, they said that we made a mistake

Image Credits: Instagram/my_build_estimate

They Said I Need to Cover My Face

Honestly, this is technically protecting your face, so if that's all the instruction he got, he's nailing it. Just to be safe, people, this is not a good way to protect your face. In fact, what he's doing is going to produce sparks, and that thin piece of paper will ignite the moment a spark falls on it. DO NOT DO THIS!

Image Credits: Instagram/idiot_at_work⠀

The Correct Way to Protect Your Food

Are you sick of people stealing the delicious lunch you brought from home? Well, Tristan here has found the absolute best way to keep his sandwich safe. The lock definitely makes things more complicated, but some ravenous thief might try and rip that plastic bag completely to get to the goodies inside. That's why the 'Danger Do Not Operate' sign is pure genius, nobody is going to mess with that.

Image Credits: Reddit/spewingchunks

That's Quite the Workout

There's something to be said about the trust between these two men. Well, maybe the trust that the man above has in the man below. This is the most extreme version of a trust fall that has ever happened in human history and we're just glad someone was around to take a photo.  

Image Credits: Instagram/

He Did This Just to Leave His Mark on the World

Some people just want to watch the world burn, or at the very least drive people crazy. This is just a mistake, it was quick-drying cement and they only had seconds to make a decision. Black square or white square? They were right almost always, how can we criticize them for one mistake? We should all learn to forgive...

Image Credits: Instagram/paulfuller2000

Literally, the Safest Way to Be on a Ladder

Finally, someone who knows the right way to use a ladder. Most people don't realize how treacherous these things can be, so to protect himself he made sure he had something soft to land in if he fell, and what's softer than water?

Image Credits: Instagram/fieldpulse⠀

Why Waste Time Mixing It?

In the bag, out of the bag, what's really the difference? It says concrete and they knew that they needed to use concrete, so they used concrete. Just so you all know, take the stuff in the bag out, follow the instructions on the bag, then use the resulting mixture. 

Image Credits: Instagram/hasibauundpfuschgmbh

How Short Was the Straw?

How did they actually decide which one of the four was going to be on the wrong side of this situation? Because clearly there is a wrong side and a right side. Maybe this man is a hero, he took stock of the situation and volunteered. More likely, the other three just didn't like the dude. 

Image Credits: Instagram/chasibauundpfuschgmbh

Revenge of the Earth, Part 2 

This is actually a picture from the future when the earth splits apart into millions of small cracks. This is how future humans will traverse the desolate dystopian landscape. It's good to know that human ingenuity will allow us to survive and we will still be conquering nature in the future.  

Image Credits: Instagram/rockanddirt

Better Than the Last One 

This man clearly saw the man from before with the paper face covering and saw the mistake he made. Too much of the head was exposed, you require all-around protection when working with dangerous tools. He also realized that thin paper was too flammable, thicker cardboard is the way to go. (Please do not do this, it is very unsafe).

Image Credits: Instagram/oshanightmares

Night Job - Superhero

The fictitious superhero Daredevil is known as the 'Man without fear', this woman is the real-life version of that comic book character. She's at least 35 feet up in the air and clearly isn't bothered by it at all. She probably jumped right off and did a superhero landing. 

Image Credits: Instagram/oshanightmares

The Biggest Wedgie Ever

High school can be rough. Bullies everywhere strolling the halls giving wedgies, and if you're unlucky, the dreaded atomic wedgie. This bully grew up to work in construction and found some poor soul to torment. Unfortunately, their wedgie skills grew as well and here you have it, the world's worst wedgie. 

Image Credits: Instagram/chasibauundpfuschgmbh

Finally! We Have the Flying Cars We Were Promised!

The classic science fiction movie 'Back to the Future: Part II' predicted that by 2015 humanity would have flying cars. We were sorely disappointed when 2015 came and went without us having the ability to zoom through the air in our personal vehicles, but this person found a way. Soar high brave adventurer, soar high. 

Image Credits: Instagram/hasibauundpfuschgmbh

It's Really Not Her Fault

Look, if you make a path for people to walk on, you will find people who will blindly walk on that path. It's just human nature. We don't like to think, just wind us up, show us the way, and let us muddle through life. Actually, we've heard of tree huggers before, maybe she's a column hugger?

Image Credits: Reddit/roadgrader

We Found the Ladder Master

The culmination of ladder technology, this man has mastered ladders in a way our ancient ancestors never dreamed of. The best part of the photo is the blue ladder just casually leaning against the wall at the bottom, that's in there just so that our ladder master can show off. In all seriousness, don't do this. It's very unsafe. 

Image Credits: Instagram/john_paul727

People find creative ways to solve problems, that's part of the reason humans became the dominant species on this planet. We live in a chaotic world though, and it is better to be safe than sorry. There were a lot of jokes in this article, but make sure that you prioritize safety over convenience. Many people you saw here could have been seriously hurt, and construction accidents happen all the time. 

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