Everyday Habits That Hurt Your House

Oct 02, 2021Ionut

When it comes to maintaining a home properly, we can all safely say that it is one of the most difficult and most time-consuming activities. But it is quite rewarding as well, to see the fruits of your hard work. Every homeowner out there wants to keep up with maintenance, so they don’t damage their house in any way. But there are several things people unknowingly do quite often that can cause permanent damage to a building. 

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Don't Use Bleach on Everything

Bleach is considered a safe multi-purpose cleaning solution by many people, even though that is far from the truth. When, for example, we try using bleach on hardwood flooring to remove a stain, it will cause the mark to get even bigger and damage the wood. On hardwood floors, we should use specific cleansers that will protect and not warp the wood. Plus, there are always the professional services we can employ that will come and remove any dirt, dust, and more from our wooden floors.

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Don't Slam the Front Door

If you keep slamming a heavy entrance door, it will push its jamb out of alignment. Over time, the gap created will become so big that moisture and cold air can infiltrate inside. You should check and replace existing hinges with self-closing ones. On hefty wooden doors, you should look into replacing all three hinges, on lightweight steel doors, you may need to have only one or two of them changed.

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There Is a Right Way to Nail Something on the Wall

Everyone should own a stud finder. Nailing something to the wall is not as simple as hammering on it until it goes in. Nails should always be placed in studs. If a nail isn't placed on a stud, the wall can break open. And using a stud finder is very simple. It is designed to beep every time it finds a stud, so you will always find the right place to put the nail.

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Choose Your Outside Rug Carefully 

Inviting and welcoming, the outdoor rugs with rubber or vinyl materials shouldn't be left in the same spot for too long. They tend to trap water and create mold and mildew, leading to a spongy porch and even attracting creepy-crawlies. You should go with an open-weave rug which allows rainwater to evaporate and air to properly ventilate. 

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Don't Pour Everything Down The Drain

There are actually a lot of things that you shouldn't put down the drain, and one that can really do a lot of damage is the leftover grease from cooking. This actually includes any type of oil, fat, or grease because they tend to solidify easily and form blockages in your pipes. This will create serious issues within the septic system, and it is also incredibly damaging to the environment.

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Gutters Need Attention Too

If the gutters of your home are blocked, it can lead to water damage to the actual building. Gutter experts are advising people to clean them at least three times a year because the gutters are another part of the house that should never be neglected. It's not enough to just clean them but to unclog them as often as you can, because debris, dirt, and other outside particles can fill them up and block them from letting the water flow.

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Learn How to Install the Cables Properly

At times, television and internet services can be supplied inside a house with cables that are drilled in through the exterior of the building. This should always be done by professionals. It is advised that an experienced maintenance worker should do this job because the wall that isn't sealed properly can slowly rot the wood framing and attract damp wood termites, and this is a job that is more complicated than it seems. 

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Don't Flush Thos "Flushable" Wipes

The high increase in the popularity of premoistened and so-called flushable bathroom wipes resulted in a rise in plumbing problems. Once it reaches the drainage system, the nonwoven fabric combines with grease and other materials, and it causes stubborn clogs that aren't easily dissolved. 

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Your Water Boiler Needs Your Attention at Least Once a Year

You need to drain your water heater every year. Not doing so could lead to a major disaster. The mineral deposits found normally in the water can form a thick, crusty coating that can clog faucets, drains, and the water heater valve itself. Ignoring to drain your water heater can lead the inner lining of it to crack, which will make you replace the whole thing. But always turn down the heat before draining it though, as it can lead to other problems if not doing so. 

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Clean Your Carpets The Right Way

It is vital to your health and the state of your home to clean your carpets regularly. Vacuuming isn't enough at times, and people have to use special cleaners to get any results. Special shampoos usually do a great job of cleaning a carpet, but using too much can produce some unexpected negative results. Putting too much shampoo might cause mold to develop under the carpet because of the excess moisture. But you can prevent this by vacuuming as much as you can to remove any damp spots from the carpet in question.

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Shower With This On

Always shower with the exhaust fan on. Many bathrooms come with one, and there is a good reason for it. And it is important to keep the fan on for a while after the shower as well because most of the moist air is still in the bathroom, and it likes the darkness very much. When it comes to reducing the overall humidity, it is a good idea to keep a window open in the bathroom while showering at least and maybe always if the weather and the location allow you.

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Throwing Bleach Tablets in the Toilet Tank

We know that those blue toilet-tank blocks will keep the water and the bowl clean and fresh, but they also cause premature brittleness and breakage of the flapper valve as well as of the other rubber and plastic parts. Trying cleaning with a toilet brush instead and use an occasional dose of cleaner, or just use a cleaner in the bowl, not the tank.

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Stop the Flickering

Seeing some flickering lights once in a while in your home might seem normal, but it's far from it. If it keeps happening too often, it's something that should be taken care of. Letting flickering lights go on for long periods of time can turn into a big issue because it could be an early sign of a dangerous wiring situation. 

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Don't Put Too Much Strain on Circuits

When you repeatedly resetting tripping breakers you may cause harm to your electrical system. You may cause the safety mechanism to wear out, and increase the risk of starting a fire. You should try to unburden the breaker as much as you can by running fewer items on the circuit. Electricians suggest having an electrician replace a breaker that has tripped five times, and, even consider upgrading the whole circuit so it can handle a higher electrical load.

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Watch Out for Those Outdoor Extension Cords

Sometimes we need to make use of external extension cords to plug things in. And we must be careful when doing so because only certain types are good for outdoor use. Extension cords that don't belong outside can cause a fire. If you're thinking about how to tell the difference and if an extension cord will be safe outside or not, make sure to check for the letter "W" printed on the cord jacket. And don't forget that an extension cord must never be covered up as this can cause it to heat up. 

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How to Maintain Your Kitchen

Many things are happening in a kitchen, and some things need your attention when it comes to maintenance. For example, make sure that your stove has an exhaust hood above it to get rid of the smoke, moisture, and cooking smells, and to purify the air in your home. And if you have windows in or near your kitchen, open them to ensure that you allow cross-ventilation. 

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Overdoing It with Drain Cleaner

When you use those doses of clog-dissolving liquids too often, they can wipe out the bacteria needed to break down waste in a healthy septic system, due to the high level of acid in their composition. You should try to use instead, other measures to unclog your drains. One of those can be to flush with boiling water. And for the really stubborn clogs, a mechanical way of cleaning is less damaging than the drain-clearing chemicals, which should be used only if necessary, as rare as possible.

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How to Protect Your Attic

We are aware that not everyone has an attic in their home, but those who do need to take care of it properly. One of the biggest issues comes from failing to insulate the attic in the right way, which creates serious risks like burst pipes, weather-related damage, and an increase in heating and electrical bills. Insulating your attic properly will prevent you from overusing both the air conditioner and the heater, as it keeps the house cool during summer and warm during the colder season. 

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Clean Your Fireplace

Even if some might disagree, due to things being burned inside, both chimneys and fireplaces need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Chimneys will get a build-up of the so-called creosote, which can lead to a poor fire and bad indoor air quality. And not only do fireplaces need to be cleaned properly, but they also need to be inspected by professionals. So please hire one to look at your chimney once in a while to make sure you maintain it in a safe and functioning manner. 

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Watch Out for That Barbecue

The wonderful backyard barbecue has been bringing friends and families together for generations. Sitting outside and enjoying a freshly cooked meal it's a magical moment worth sharing with the people you love. But while fun and practical, they can also be a dangerous thing to own. We should never put the barbecue set too close to the home. Not only can barbecues start fires around them, but they can also warp and melt the margins of your home.

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Vinegar and Hydrogen Peroxide Don't Mix

Some of the most common household items that are found in every home usually include hydrogen peroxide and vinegar. When you take them on their own, they are capable substances, managing to provide an effective cleaning option. Still, they should never be mixed together as they create toxic peracetic acid. The result can change the color and texture of soft surfaces, and if you come into contact with this acid, it can get you sick. Please be careful. 

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Wet Towels Don't Belong on the Floor

Leaving a wet towel on your floor traps moisture, which can make it rot, stain, and warp. Damp towels make for a perfect environment for mold to grow and develop, especially when left in a dark location. And let's not forget that mold and mildew can cause serious health complications as well for everyone in the house.

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Remember Those Blinds

It's tempting to let the light in through the blinds all day, but there's something you might have to consider before doing so. The UV rays that come through can damage your flooring by causing discoloration and fading. To make sure that you avoid damage, it is recommended to either close the blinds before you leave for a longer period of time or cover them with curtains made of blacking-out materials. 

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Don't Overspray with Fertilizer

Yes, fertilizer is good and it makes your lawn grow healthier and shine, but these substances contain sulfates or ammonia that can chemically react with the cement and result in damaging a walkway or a driveway or even causing cracks in your foundation. If the fertilizer you're planning to use contains ammonia, keep it at least six inches away from concrete surfaces. And always use a broom, not a hose, as water activates the harmful compounds inside. 

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Vacuuming Should Be The Preferred Way to Clean Your Floors

You should always choose to vacuum when cleaning your floors. Constantly relying on a broom or mop to clean your floors might shorten their lifespan in the long run. Vacuuming can prevent microscopic particles, dirt, and dust from spreading all over a floor's surface. 

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No Unruly Vines

Vines have the quality to give a house a certain natural look. Your home seems like it's blending with nature and becoming a part of its harmony and balance. But vines also have the capability of ruining the structure of your home because they can catch water, vermin, and insects inside and spread them everywhere over the surface of your building. You must make sure that you maintain your vines properly as they can rot wood, damage the exterior decor, and grow quickly and unorganized.

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These were just some of the ways to take care of your lovely home. Every home is different, just as every person is, so their need when it comes to maintenance depends on size, location, building materials, and more. We wanted to make sure that you always stay informed when it comes to the problems that may arise in your home, so you can always stay ahead of expensive and time-consuming repairs. 

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