Most Beautiful Female Athletes

Oct 10, 2021James Montalvo

On this list, you'll meet some of the world's top female athletes. From volleyball stars, footballers, hoopers, surfers, and golfers, these women are some of the best in their sports. More than that, however, these athletes have made it on to this list for one other reason. Not only are the women you're about to meet very successful in their chosen sport, but they're also some of the most beautiful. Are you ready for this? 

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If men's basketball has LeBron James reigning as king, then the WNBA has Candice Parker reigning as queen. More than just a beautiful and talented basketball player, Candace Parker has been one of the main faces of the WNBA ever since she stepped foot on the court as a professional.

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Since being drafted number 1 overall in 2008, Parker has been a 5-time WNBA all-star, two-time MVP, and a WNBA champion in 2016. She has helped the US Women's Basketball team win the Olympic games in 2008 and 2012. Whether its in the US or overseas, Parker is one of basketball's biggest international stars. 

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Football, or soccer in America, is the world's most beloved sport. Because it's such a global sport, its best players around the world are easily recognized. One of those larger than life stars in the world of women's football is Alex Morgan. She's been part of the US women's soccer team for over ten years now, and she's won two world cups with them. 

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Morgan has scored a total of 107 goals for her country since 2010. On top of her two world cup wins, she's won the UEFA Women's Champion's League, several league titles, domestic and international player of the competition award, and 2019's ESPY Best Female Athlete award. She also has several endorsement deals and has done a lot of modeling and tv work. 

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Accompanying Alex Morgan as part of the 2015 and 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup Championship teams is Julie Ertz. Before she was married, fans knew the soccer starlet as Julie Johnston. She made her US national team debut in 2013 and has since made over 100 appearances for her country's team. 

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Julie is also a member of the Chicago Red Stars, a team in the top flight of women's football in the United States. In 2017, Ertz moved from being a defender to the midfield, and her career blossomed even further. That same year she was awarded U.S. Soccer Female Player of the Year and again in 2019.

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Another WNBA star on this list is Skylar Diggins. This 5'8 guard who recently signed for the Pheonix Mercury doesn't just ball out on the court; she also makes a great living as a model and endorser. She's posed for the likes of Sports Illustrated and Vogue, proving that she's not just a ball jock, but a world-class beauty as well.

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She was drafted 3rd overall in 2013. That same year, she signed up as the first female athlete endorser for Jay-Z's Roc Nation Sports. Her basketball career has seen her become a WNBA all-star four times. 2019 saw this amazing and beautiful athlete take on another challenge, motherhood, and we can't wait to see what's in for her next!

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For most gymnasts, athletic careers in their sport are quite short. After high school and collegiate competitions, there's not much of a platform for professional gymnastics. Alexandra or 'Aly' Raisman, however, is a total outlier of the sport. This incredibly beautiful gymnast made her way to not just one Olympic team, but two. 

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Not only did she make her country's national team, but Raisman also won gold medals in gymnastics at both the 2012 and 2016 Olympic games. She's also the second-most decorated gymnast in American history with a total of six Olympic medals. These days she's winning the social media game with over 2.1 million followers on Instagram. Can you say endorsements? 

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Drafted one spot before Skylar Diggins in the 2013 WNBA Draft was Elena Delle Donne. The 6'5 forward led the Washington Mystics to the 2019 WNBA Championship. Apart from that, her basketball career has seen her become rookie of the year, a six-time All-Star, two-time league MVP.

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Delle Donne has also represented her country, winning gold medals in the 2016 Olympic Games and the 2018 FIBA Women's World Cup. Her all-star caliber career has also seen the beautiful cover grace the covers for Vogue, Nike, Octagon, and DuPont. She married her long-time girlfriend, Amanda Clifton, in 2017.

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It's not hard to pick Jacqueline Carvalho out from the crowd. At a towering height for most women, this volleyball star stands a tall 6'1. Carvalho is a South American volleyball living legend both because of her striking looks and her prowess on the court. She led Brazil to back-to-back gold medals at the 2008 and 2012 Olympic games. 

Image Source: Getty Images/Getty Images for FIVB/Atsushi Tomura


In 2018, the volleyball star announced that she would be retiring from international competitions. Since then, she has continued to play in the Brazilian Women’s Volleyball Superliga, the top flight of professional volleyball leagues. She's currently under contract for Osasco Audax. 

Image Source: Getty Images/Ezra Shaw


This self-proclaimed OG Insta Golf Girl is Paige Spiranac. She's a former collegiate gold star for the University of Arizona and San Diego State. After gaining a huge social media following through her stand-out performances in college, and her striking looks, she then turned pro in 2015 and arguably became the golfing world's first female sex symbol.

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Unfortunately, Spiranac failed to qualify for the LPGA, which is the pinnacle of women's professional golf. That hasn't stopped her from becoming a totally polarizing figure that commands attention in the golf world, though. She's made the cover of Golf Digest, and currently runs a weekly podcast called 'Playing Around' under iHeart Media.

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Have you ever heard of alpine ski racing? Well, it's this sport where people basically race down a snowy mountain. Lindsay Vonn, who's made headlines for being extremely gorgeous and at one time, being Tiger Wood's girlfriend, is one of the superstars of this sport. She's also one of the most beautiful.

Image Source: Getty Images/Matthias Hangst


As a matter of fact, this blond and beautiful ski racer has won four World Cup overall championships and is one of only two women to ever do so. This includes a three-peat from 2008-2010, then another one in 2012. She's also bagged some Olympic medals, two bronze, and one gold back in 2010 to be exact. 

Image Source: Getty Images/SEPA.Media/Martin Rauscher


Now for an athlete who almost broke the internet with her warm-up routine. Michelle Jenneke is a track star, and she stole the show during one of her 2012 competitions. You might have seen a GIF of it, but ever since then, she's turned her career from track star to being a model.

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Although she was never really a world-beater in the track and field world, she did qualify for the 2016 Olympics. She still competes and is an amazing hurdler. These days, however, she's also diversified her career with modeling, and taking advantage of the platform she earned.

Image Source: Getty Images/Mark Nolan


Hailed as the 'baddest women' on the planet, Ronda Rousey has made a living off of beating people up and staying gorgeous while doing so. She first broke out into international fame as the UFC's first female champion. She held a long unbeaten record and would stun thousands with how efficient she was in her fighting. 

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Her career as an athlete and a celebrity has seen her be a model, an actress, and now a professional wrestler. She currently helps sell out crowds of thousands for the WWE. Before all of that, though, Rousey was an Olympian. As a matter of fact, she is the first American woman to earn an Olympic medal in judo. She took home the Bronze in the 2008 Olympics.

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Professional pole vaulting, much like most other track and field competitions, doesn't get much attention. Not until 2007, when photos of a 17-year-old Allison Stokke competing at Pole Vault meet went viral. She moved on to the University of California, Berkeley breaking records and competing in Division I meets before becoming a pro later on. 

Image Source: Getty Images/WireImage/Kirby Lee


Today, she's known as Allison Stokke Fowler, professional pole vaulter, endorser for Nike, Athleta, and Uniqlo, and the golf pro Robbie Fowler's wife. Despite the controversial and unwanted attention she got in her early years, the now-31-year-old Allison has adapted and kept her focus in her athletic career. 

Image Source: Getty Images/Warren Little


Professional tennis has been the home of the world's most beautiful athletes and crowds. Today, one of the sport's top beauties is Camila Giorgi. The Italian tennis pro made her senior debut at the ITF Women's Circuit in 2006, won the title in 2009 then moved up to WTA Tour by competing at Wimbledon in 2011.

Image Source: Getty Images/Elsa


In 2018 she made it into the quarterfinals of Wimbledon; this earned her a ranking of #26 in the world. Other than that, Giorgi continues to compete and stun people with her beauty, especially on her Instagram. Despite her low-ish ranking, the tennis star hasn't been a slouch. Her total winnings have earned her a solid $4 million. 

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