10+ People Who Made Live TV Unforgettable

Live videos will always show us a side of the situations that we did not expect to observe, in addition to showing us the true nature of the people. It can also be very educational to see the reactions of other people to uncomfortable situations to get some advice. In the following list, you can see some tricks and tips that will allow you to escape from embarrassing situations quickly and with some grace.

40. Not green!

One of the biggest mistakes that can be made on television is to wear green when you want to use a green screen to show some graphics, or you risk becoming something totally unexpected. One person took the opportunity to turn this representative of the White House into an improvised "screen" and play with some images, showing her the mistake she had made in using that color on television.

Image credits: The White House

Image credits: The White House

Chroma Key is an audiovisual technique that is widely used in film, television, and photography, and basically consists of replacing a color of the image (usually a specific shade of green or blue) with another image or content with the help of specialized equipment or a computer that does the work. This is a technique that is often used when it is too expensive or unfeasible to record scenes in a particular setting or location.

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