15+ Times People Got Shocked With The Cakes They Ordered

The cake is an element that can not be missing in any celebration, be it a birthday, a baptism, a marriage, or the bachelorette party of your best friend. For our fortune, there are bakers with a good sense of humor and a lot of talent who can create cakes that you can never forget, and in the following list, you will see some of those cakes that will wow you in the right moment.

40. Flee!

Marriages should be a beautiful relationship in which the couple should live harmoniously and happily, but this cake conveys a clear message, you had the opportunity to escape, but now it is too late, and you can not run away from your wife little friend.

39. Hungry Unicorn

This funny unicorn could not wait to finish his birthday party and decided to eat all the cake alone without leaving anything to share with the other guests. We can not blame him, that cake looks so tasty that we would also like to eat it as soon as possible.

38. The great night

Your wedding night should be one of the most romantic and fun moments because it is the first night you will officially share with the person who will spend the rest of your life. You must be careful and not ruin it by having too many drinks with your wedding guests.

37. Congratulations mom

This is the celebration cake that no mother wants to receive but represents the constant struggle to find that lost sock in the washing machine. You must make sure that your mother is in a good mood if you intend to give her a cake like this.

36. A cake to cry

Sometimes we need a cake different from the ordinary ones, for a celebration totally different from the usual ones, but it is difficult to think about the purpose of an onion-shaped cake. We only hope that the filling is not made of this horrible vegetable that makes us cry.

35. Invader Zim!

This man's wife made this amazing cake for his celebration to remember one of his husband's favorite characters with a lot of creativity. Invader Zim is one of those characters that marked the lives of many people and is still alive in our memory.

34. Flying cat!

A lovely and funny cake of a small flying cat that is being dragged by a parachute, also edible. The pastry chef who created it is a pastry genius, and he used all his skills to achieve a cake that we would never want to cut.

33. Surgery cake

The cakes can be used for any kind of celebration, even when you want to congratulate your best friend for her new nose and you can not find another way to let her know that you are happy that everything went well. The baker must be given credit for those small details.

32. A wedding with no way out

Getting married is a big decision for the lives of the people involved because you are tying your life to someone else's, so you should be careful. After saying, "Yes, I do," there is no way to escape marriage, even if some people consider it a hole with no way out.

31. Mathematics

There are many ways to celebrate when the years start to accumulate too quickly, but you do not want to remember the wrinkles and all the years of work every day. Feeling like a small 10-year-old child has nothing wrong, even if you have to multiply it by 4.

30. Merry Christmas!

The Christmas season is an excellent opportunity to share with your loved ones and eat everything you can enjoy. This cake shows what happens to Santa after distributing all the gifts at Christmas and eating cookies and sweets in each of the houses he visits.

29. An explosion of flavor

This cake is so delicious that they did not find another way to represent how fabulous it is, so they had to blow the character's mind literally. Such a fantastic cake has the potential to make our head fly by how ingenious and delicious it can be.

28. A slow match

We have seen many cakes in different shapes, sizes, and flavors, but we rarely find a cake that truly exceeds our expectations like this one. A lazy sloth playing ping-pong while sitting on the moon is something you do not see every day.

27. A buddies cake

Over the years, some men forget the cake and focus their attention on other things when it comes to celebrating with their friends, but this is a sample of the kind of cake that a man will always adore so he can celebrate his love for life and the beer that makes him happy.

26. The Simpsons

Using a beloved character from one of our favorite cartoons will always be an excellent option when it comes to designing a cake. The design of this one answers the doubt that many people have had about why Marge's hair is so high and how it keeps it that way.

25. A cake for your BFF

Your friends will always be by your side to accompany and help you, no matter what happens, but only your best friends will be able to prove it. A cake designed by this girl's friends to make her understand how much they know her and how disastrous she can be when she celebrates.

24. A chilling night

Using a beloved character from our childhood is also an option to make a cake, but you must choose wisely. This cake is designed for those people who maintain a diet, but who still love cartoon characters like Jack Skellington.

23. Good luck Jordon!

We all have that friend who, despite being a very good person, in one way or another, is always in trouble, or things that are too strange happen to him. This exceptional cake is for that friend who still gets into trouble without understanding why.

22. Loving it!

If your love for McDonald's is so great that your friends make you a cake designed as lunch in this place because you love being every day eating those burgers that are definitely not good for your health, you must be careful with your diet.

21. A big surprise

The ability of some bakers to achieve cakes that seem to defy the laws of physics is incredible. This is an awesome cake that has the potential to make our jaws fall by wondering how they manage to keep it standing.

20. A beautiful library

This is a cake designed for people who can not escape from a good story embodied in the paper pages of a good book. If you love books so much that you can not escape from the library, nothing better than a cake that reminds you of your favorite place in the world.

19. A beautiful story

We all love this movie from the first time we saw it because of its history and its beautiful animation, so if you like cartoons and you can not help but love the movie 'Up,' you will love this cake because it captures the essence of that beautiful film.

18. 'Pigs In The Mud'

Chocolate is one of the tastiest sweets in the world, and when you really love chocolate, there is no way you can stop eating it. This cake was designed for chocolate lovers who can turn into pigs when it comes to enjoying something so tasty.

17. A cake from another world

Taking advantage of the different colors that can be achieved while baking a cake, literally from another world, is one of the extraordinary skills that bakers have. This amazingly designed cake belongs to a person who loves space and the planets of the entire universe.

16. A beautiful dragon

All people who love Asian culture can quickly relate dragons to this beautiful continent. This cake is designed for a lover of this culture who knows how to appreciate its beauty. The details that they achieved in the dragon are impressive.

15. Panda Bear!

Image credits: Twitter/boxxlaura

Image credits: Twitter/boxxlaura

Panda bears are beautiful and gentle creatures that we all adore. Although we know that they can be a little dangerous, we prefer to remember only their soft and friendly side. This cake is dedicated to these cute Asian giants that we like so much.

14. Mother and daughter

Image credits: Facebook/Sharon Wee

Image credits: Facebook/Sharon Wee

Giraffes are beautiful and elegant animals that many people love because of their colors and long necks, and this cake is ideal for a baby shower or some celebration of mother and daughter in which we see a pair of adorable giraffes sharing a beautiful link.

13. Ice Age

Image credits: Imgur

Image credits: Imgur

When a cartoon character inspires us, we must make sure to represent it in the best possible way to maintain its magic, as in this case. This movie will always be one of our favorites, and we can never forget this little guy who made us laugh out loud.

12. Gryffindor!

Image credits: Imgur

Image credits: Imgur

This is a cake designed for lovers of Harry Potter, and all his books, which can not help but adore every detail of this saga, so it is very likely that they love this cake of the Sorting Hat made with so many features.

11. Rain of sweets

Image credits: Imgur/Rose Aurora

Image credits: Imgur/Rose Aurora

Cakes like this have the potential to make us think a lot when imagining how they manage to keep them standing, but in reality, all we want is to give them the first bite to taste how delicious a cake covered in these delightful sweets could be.

10. A real snake!

Image credits: Facebook/North Star Cake

Image credits: Facebook/North Star Cake

When we meet expert bakers able to achieve a cake as incredible as this, we can not do anything but applaud. A cake for lovers of zoos and snakes that we would be a bit afraid to approach. It may attack you when you least expect it!

9. Bond, James Bond

Image credits: Davil Malki

Image credits: Davil Malki

James Bond movies have marked several generations because they have become cult films for many of us, so if you love James Bond movies, nothing better to celebrate your birthday than a cake inspired by this great character.

8. A magic book

Image credits: Ivane Ivane

Image credits: Ivane Ivane

This is another cake dedicated to people who love to immerse themselves in a good story to let their imagination fly with a good story. Similar to the cake in the library that appears on this list, this cake is dedicated to people who love books above all things.

7. Our home

Image credits: Facebook/Cakecrumbs

Image credits: Facebook/Cakecrumbs

Another cake shaped in outer space, but dedicated to our favorite planet that we must take care of every day. It's impressive how they achieve those colors and shapes with just a little bit of dough, sugar, coloring, and tons of creativity to bring their ideas to reality.

6. The perfect photo

Image credits: Flickr/fsumaria

Image credits: Flickr/fsumaria

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This cake is dedicated to photography lovers who always look for the best image and do not rest until they capture that perfect moment. That's a cake in the form of a camera with many details and, probably, a very delicious flavor.

5. Tower of sweets

Image credits: Twitter/danisvillaman

Image credits: Twitter/danisvillaman

We all love sweets for being delicious and easy to eat, so a candy tower with a giant cupcake is not a bad idea. If you like sweets and any kind of sweet snack, this cake is ideal for you and your incredible love for sugar.

4. A discovery!

Image credits: Reddit/Proteon

Image credits: Reddit/Proteon

Many people love dinosaurs and the time they existed on our planet, and that's why the most skillful bakers create cakes like this. An extraordinary cake for lovers of archeology that reminds us of the past and its discoveries.

3. Sushi for all

Image credits: Vilvius/Ana

Image credits: Vilvius/Ana

Although it is not very common to see raw fish on a cake, it does not mean that it is a bad combination, and we can not say anything until we have tasted it. A mix of Asian food with the sweetness of the cakes. Sweet sushi for everyone!

2. Happy unbirthday!

Image credits: OccasionCakesRochdale

Image credits: OccasionCakesRochdale

An ideal cake to celebrate any day that is not your birthday due to its inspiration in the beautiful story by Lewis Carroll, 'Alice in Wonderland.' The amount of detail it has is impressive, and we are sure that it could have some surprises inside.

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1. The final detail

The birthday cake is essential, but an impressive cake must be accompanied by a remarkable candle that honors the hours of effort and creativity of the pastry chef who achieved something so delicious and fabulous for us.

Each of these cakes is more impressive than the previous one and shows that when it comes to celebrating a special occasion, there is nothing that can stop a creative pastry chef with a lot of talent and free time. Do you usually order cakes for special events? Share with us the pictures of the most amazing cakes you have ever seen and do not forget to show this article to all your friends who love a delicious cake.

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