15+ Photos To Convince You That Chivalry Still Exists

Men who are ready to do courteous and romantic things for women do still exist. Luckily, they don’t have to engage in duels anymore, but there are some who'll wake early in the morning to make breakfast for their wives or those who just help a total stranger who got herself into an awkward situation. Most people say that chivalry is long gone, however, we've managed to discover men that can make any lady feel like a queen when they are around.

25. When you go all the way as a doctor and don Batman's costume to become a superhero... How sweet!

24. Now, don't you wish your professor was as cool as this? We hope the baby will grow to become a mathematician...haha

23. “The people across the aisle didn’t know each other. She was flying for the first time and was terrified. He talked her through it and held her hand. Just people being people.”

22. A train driver helping a female passenger not to bare more than intended.

21. Shielding his lady while preventing a sunburn! A very sweet moment indeed.

20. Certainly, a perfect substitute for the usual coffee with croissants.

19. That feeling when your husband is your makeup artist...hmm!

18. Keanu Reeves gives a fan a second chance to get a selfie. Super John Wick!

17. A single dad whose daughters paint his fingernails.

16. Donating your almost 2 decades worth of hair growth to the little princess trust. Bravo!

15. An amazing memory to keep about the engagement is to pop the question with a ring from a self-made box.

14. At that moment she must have felt like she was walking down the aisle anew!

13. When you've got an electrician poet as your man, expect a poetically electrified proposal...haha.

12. When your love becomes your pillow... how cozy is that?

11. A boyfriend turned the kitchen into a mini-restaurant for the 18 month anniversary of their relationship. That's not all, he had Italian music to go along with the occasion. Romantic!

10. There are still some really humane guys out there rendering kind act that'll melt your heart. And when you find such, you'll go to any length to express appreciation...like this sloth!

9. You know a caring father when you see one. The baby no doubt feels comfortable.

8. This is a glorious beginning to any day. That's why we love winter!

7. When your husband surprises you with his creativity...Romantic surprise!

6. When your husband makes you a heart-shaped funnel cake.

5. When we're going through a rocky time, flowers always help bring a smile on our faces.

4. "He has helped me shower, dressed me, tucks me into bed, cuddles me on bad days while I cry my eyes out and now he does my hair (he even learned to braid it)"... WOW!

3. She's indeed your queen... We can see for ourselves. Lol

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2. When your husband knows that you've missed Hot Puffcorn with a fiery passion and he enters into a store, sees the stand of Hot Popcorn and buys every single bag. Sweet! Isn't it?

1. Imagine going to a bakery at 6:30 AM to get fresh croissants for Mother’s Day breakfast. Thinking you were going to be first and alone, only to meet this. Poor husband!

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It is heartwarming to see men exhibiting loving, romantic gestures especially at an era when dating apps and hookup culture has rendered chivalry obsolete. Isn't chivalrous acts, something that should be displayed by all persons? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section and don't forget to share this article with your friends. 

Source: Great Photo, Bright Side

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