The Most Handsome Men From Around The World Voted By People

There are many beauty contests in the world in which the judges evaluate the participants according to a series of factors that they think necessary to consider that they deserve a place among the winners. That is why some sites are responsible for delegating this decision to the general public, gathering the opinion of millions of people around the world to establish the list of winners, or in this case, the list of the most handsome men in the world.

25. Kerem Bürsin (Turkish actor and model)

24. Charlie Puth (American singer, composer, and music producer.)

23. Nam Joo-hyuk (South Korean model and actor.)

22. Charlie Hunnam (British film and television actor and screenwriter)

21. Godfrey Gao (Taiwanese model and actor.)

20. Trevante Rhodes (US actor and former track sprinter.)

19. Taeyang (South Korean singer, dancer, composer, and choreographer.)

18. Toni Mahfud (Italian artist, model, and photographer with Syrian roots.)

17. Michiel Huisman (Dutch actor and musician.)

16. Mario Casas (Spanish actor.)

15. Barış Arduç (Turkish actor born in Switzerland.)

14. Aaron Taylor-Johnson (British actor and producer.)

13. Jungkook (South Korean singer, dancer, composer, producer, and model.)

12. Oscar Isaac (Guatemalan actor and musician.)

11. Jensen Ackles (American actor and director.)

10. Mariano Di Vaio (Italian male fashion model, actor and blogger.)

9. Sehun (South Korean singer, dancer, model, rapper, and actor.)

8. Idris Elba (British actor of television, theater, and cinema.)

7. Felix Kjellberg (Swedish comedian, creator of vlogs and memes critic.)

6. Stanley Weber (French actor.)

5. William Levy (American actor and model of Cuban origin.)

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4. James Reid (Australian-Filipino actor, singer, songwriter, and dancer.)

3. Armie Hammer (American actor.)

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2. Jason Momoa (American actor, writer, producer, director, and model.)

1. Kim Tae-hyung (South Korean singer, model, actor, dancer, and composer.)

Each year, millions of people express their opinion about the famous people we see on television or in movies. Your comments can affect how these lists of artists are made, and thanks to this, your opinion influences the records of the most handsome men and women in the world. Do you think the list is adapted to reality? Is any artist missing from this list? Let us know in the comments section your opinions about this list and do not forget to share this article with all your friends who want to take a look at the best-looking men in the entertainment world.

Sources: BrightsideYoutube/TC Candler


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