20+ "WHY" Things We Can Only Find Out From Their Creators

The world is full of new inventions every day, but some of them are so strange that they make us doubt about what was going through the minds of their creators at the time when they thought that a yellow pool would be a good idea, or that people would like to drink a mushrooms flavored coffee. They may never explain why they created the following products, but the important thing is that they still exist in the market, and after seeing this list, you will realize how incredibly strange some people's ideas can be.

28. If you like the design of this shirt, it is best to avoid using anything besides it so that people do not think you have too much cold.

27. The designer of this label wanted to make sure that, just by looking at it, you knew how you would feel after you drink the whole bottle.

26. The person who came up with this chocolate made sure you had some small pieces to share with people you do not really like.

25. Putting on or taking off the hood of this sweater makes a big difference, and you should be very careful with what people will think about you when you wear it.

24. The person who designed this floor decided to find a way to save as much money as possible in cleaning products. It is impossible to know if it is dirty or not.

23. The position of this ATM endangers all people who are a bit clumsy and run the risk of dropping the money, or their debit card, by accident.

22. It is vital to innovate as much as possible with the designs so that the rooms look unique, but this carpet design looks like a horrible crime scene.

21. No matter what the purpose of this strange invention is, anything that restricts the movement of your arms while driving a vehicle is dangerous.

20. This artwork of design will ensure that you can never properly wash your hands. Who places the sensor of the sink in that way?

19. This store does not make it very clear in which direction people should go, is the men's clothing to the right or the left? To whom does that arrow correspond?

18. Yes, you are not seeing an optical illusion. It is a soap dispenser that says "ketchup" and has a design of some grapes in it ... Nothing out of the ordinary.

17. Using the correct colors is very important, so making a pool yellow is not the best choice if you do not want people to have the wrong impression.

16. These two drinks have two completely different flavors, but the designer of their labels was too sleepy to try to change them.

15. The author of this photo comments that he spent a lot of time touring the hotel to find the room that corresponded to him, the 402.

14. No matter what the purpose of the person designing the sticker of that truck was, it is an image that can terrify an entire school.

13. If the purpose of this inventor was to make a permanent and painful impression on the people who bought this cup, it seems that he has achieved its goal.

12. Presenting the design of an outfit is essential so that the person has an idea of ​​how he will look with it, but if you are going to include the hands, it is not necessary to remove the head.

11. It is probably a severe error of the graphic designer who made this announcement, but it's impossible not to laugh at his shock when observing the back of his iPhone.

10. The person who designed the doors of these cubicles does not have any sense of privacy. It is impossible to feel safe in that toilet.

9. The image makes people think mistakenly about something that is not part of the picture, but it is something that the designer should have foreseen.

8. This elevator is the ideal dream of a delivery man who is in a hurry and needs to deliver the pizza before the 10 minutes promised by the restaurant where he works.

7. The author of this photo feels very proud of his $ 180 Adidas that work to expand his extensive collection of small stones.

6. Who does not love a delicious cup of mushroom-flavored coffee in the morning? The inventor of this drink has bizarre tastes.

5. This hybrid between baby stroller and scooter can be an exciting idea, but the safety of babies should be the priority in these cases.

4. Its name explains all we need to know about "The Ab-hancer." If anyone has any comments to make to the inventor, please leave it in the comments.

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3. This sleeping bag with arms and legs is designed for people who do not have a second to spare in life and wants to sleep anywhere.

2. As strange as it sounds, someone in the world came up with the idea of ​​inventing a bicycle that needs that the person runs to function.

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1. This umbrella with built-in water gun can be a bit entertaining to play with your friends, but the other people around you will not like the idea.

Each of these inventions was devised by a person who considered them a good idea and thought that people in the world would need them, so it is difficult to imagine what kind of ideas people have these days ... Which of these inventions, in your opinion, is it an epic failure? Which of them would you use in your daily life? Do not forget to leave us your ideas about these incredible designs and share this article with all those who need to laugh a little about human ingenuity.

Sources: BrightsideBored Panda


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