15+ Reasons Why German Shepherds Are Not The Best Dog For You

Before you choose to keep a pet dog, you have to do a little bit of research about the perfect breed that would be close to your family, play with you, protect you, and obey you. You can decide from a host of options, but you are advised not to choose a German Shepherd as a family dog. Why?

If you've watched every episode of 'Inspector Rex', then you will agree that German Shepherds are the last breed you should consider when picking a dog companion — unless you do not mind their crazy shenanigans. And the pictures from this article beautifully illustrate why this is true.

25. They never sleep... Ever! They act like they are constantly on duty. Always waiting for what will happen next. Or for the footwear to drop.

24. Receiving orders is not an option for these guys. They don't obey. There is just no way you can teach them anything.

23. They are terrifying! Even when they are young. I mean, look at this guy. He looks like he is about to beast out.

22. Visiting the supermarket with them is a nightmare. They'll never sit still. You will not be able to rest and just enjoy your surroundings.

21. There's no way you can take German Shepherds anywhere. They’ll cause a whole lot of trouble. These guys certainly know how to ruin a good time.

20. And when they are left alone, they will destroy everything they can. Never own more than one else you’ll have a pack of wild animals on your hand.

19. It is a bad idea to keep these dogs at home. They are best kept as police dogs. They really don’t do well in a family setting. They're much better at sniffing out bombs.

18. They can’t love. These are not sweet dogs. They do not have a loving bone in their bodies. It is just not in their nature.

17. They don’t have any weaknesses. But for ice cream.

16. They are elegant and very dangerous.

15. And they aren’t very cute. German Shepherds aren’t even that cute. Look at this pup’s face. It ain’t nuthin’.

14. Plus they are scared of everything!

13. And you cannot leave them with other dogs. They are not the friendly type. German Shepherds are big loners when it comes to other breeds. They only stick with their kind.

12. They won’t smile. They are quite stern and have an unwelcoming look about them. Always miserable looking.

11. Shepherds are not cats! They despise cats. Like, they seriously hate them. Don't bring a cat around your German Shepherd.

10. Don’t leave a German Shepherd around kids. They can be vicious. I would never leave a Shepherd alone with my children – some would say they are a safety hazard!

9. They can’t keep themselves busy.

8. They cannot play or entertain themselves...at all. Forget about catching fun. If you want to play fetch with a dog who loves playtime, that’s not going to be a Shepherd.

7. They are scary and dangerous dogs. They are not safe to be around. Look at this guy. He’d rip your head off.

6. It is risky to be near them without a muzzle.

5. And sometimes, we cannot begin to explain what happened.

4. They don't listen. These guys have a very independent nature. Taking orders is not an option for Shepherds. They do not obey.

3. They Eat Everything. Whether it be shoes, clothes, toys, or cushions. And they will obviously eat all your food. There will hardly be anything left for the family to eat.

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2. German Shepherds Are Mostly Outdoor Dogs. They hate being inside. And they'll show it by destroying your home. They’ll even refuse to even come in.

1. They Are Just Too Bizarre. What the heck is this guy doing? He looks so creepy. What does he think he’s a kangaroo?

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Just kidding! German Shepherds make great family dogs and would easily become a cherished member in any home. What other misconceptions about dogs do you know? Tell us in the comment section below! And please, share this article with your friend.

Source: Bright Side, Animal Channel

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