25 Clothing Designs That Might Set Your Fashion Preferences Soon

The fashion world keeps changing and amazing us day by day. Essentially, it is there to make people, particularly women, look more attractive. However, sometimes designers take this task too literally and produce masterpieces that can become nominees for "the weirdest item of clothing" award. Below we have collected a set of' slightly' odd clothing and accessory designs that will perhaps remember for a very long time.

25. Multicolored boots. When you cannot decide which color you like more, just pull on whatever you are comfortable in.  Color matters sometimes but definitely not always.

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Вог- это уже давно не просто название модного журнала. Это стиль жизни, это умение улавливать тренды и быть на полшага впереди тенденций мировых подиумов. Вог - это образ мышления. Мы говорим Вог - подразумеваем "мода". Почему мы пишем слово по-русски? Ну мы же российский бренд)) и этим написанием подчёркиваем, что не стоит относиться к моде чересчур серьёзно. Всегда нужно оставлять немного места для юмора и самоиронии. Иначе жизнь будет пресной и скучной 🎆 #vogue #вог #беллапотемкина #bellapotemkina #свитшотВог #milanfashionweek #mfw2017 #streetstyle before #blumarine #fashionshow #pink #purple #bellapotemkinafw2018 #шортыизмеха #kanecaron #лаковыеботфорты #ilovebellapotemkina

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24. Denim knee-high boots. I'm sure after seeing this, you won't throw away your old jeans! No way... after all, you can make boots out of them!

23. Hmm. What? This is unbelievable. A high-heel cover shoe tied on the head. Does she walk on two legs? Oh no the head does the walking... haha

22. Oversized boyfriend long sleeve. When you want to wear your boyfriend's shirt, but it is cold outside. I think she looks cool in them, though.

21. Jeans with transparent knee patches. What if it rains? Now you've got your knees protected! Consider adding a pair to your collection.

20. Sandals with latex socks. Yeah! I think I understand the rationale behind this...one sock is always lost, so this solves the problem. And the color combination is spot-on.

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#gucci #latex #wow #latexsocks #patentsandals

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19. Ripped stockings. Don't be so worried when you rip your stockings. People are making cool cash with them!

18. Now I don't know what to make of this. Is she set to walk down the aisle or walk down to the rest room? What!

17. Faux fur sandals. This looks so beautiful. I'm sure someone out there is saying "I need a new pair of that, right now"!

16. Transparent plastic jeans. Wearing these clear plastic trousers will surely make you waterproof. However, the big question is, how comfortable is it?

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Fluorescent Florals | HONEYMOON FANTASY

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15. Men's lace shirt. It looks beautiful. I think you now know what to give your dad on Father's Day!

14. Meat knee jeans. When you caught sight if this picture, what ran through your mind?..."Two steaks please"! Yummy.

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Weak in the knees via @gabbois 🥓 #slightlysmudged

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13. Double jeans. Now Let's not assume every double look means it's trendy. We present to you the double jeans. Would you wear them?

12. Thigh-high boots. This seems like a two in one: stockings and shoes. Isn't it practical? You won't have to buy stockings anymore! Haha

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💜 #balenciaga #thighboots #발렌시아가

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11. "Fried chicken leg" pants. I think it will be a great Idea to make chicken wings too. Fried Chicken pant is a new fashion in 2017.

10. Сheckered jumpsuit. If needed, this jumpsuit quickly turns into a checkered grocery bag.

9. Taxidermied baby alligator handbag. The best anti-theft device. It'll scare them all!

8. Chunky knit sweater. It's like my grandmother's dream come true. I'm finally warm!

7. A walking mattress...and pillows too! With this you can sleep whenever and wherever you so please. Plus thick blankets to keep warm. Lol

6. Clear plastic skirt. Do you even know how much ladies' lingerie costs these days? I think everyone should see my panties!

5. Dripping paint tights. She's so hot even her panties are melting! What else could the designer have intended?

4. An excellent example of how different women can be — soft and brutal at the same time! But something is missing. Maybe a zebra on a leash?

3. This appears to be really cool. But for a top like this, the dilemma is deciding whether or not to put on a bra. What will you do?

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2. A bag that can milk. Haha! If you ever get tired of your chicken bag, here's an udder.

1. This clothing has the appearance of a multi-armed god; with hands that are crying for help. I hope he won't get suffocated by the arms around his neck!

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Well, fashions change, and so do the garments people wear. Still, I think some of the clothing designs above are really weird. Would you like to try on any of them? Or maybe you have personally created something similar. Please, share your stories and pictures in the comment section.

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