20 Unique Body Features You Will Probably Never See In Real Life

Beauty is diverse — there is no distinct characteristic that can categorize someone as ugly or beautiful. The old maxim, "It takes all sorts to create a world" is more valid now than it was many years ago, but still equally correct. People with various disorders or deformations are ultimately able to show their true beauty through their social media pages or careers, and we're all thankful for what they stand for. Below we've collected some of the rarest characteristics ever found on humans, and we are about to take you on a magical journey. Read on.

20. Albinism! This unique model, called Sir Maejor Page, is affected by albinism. He's taking the movie and acting industry by storm. Through his exceptional look, he embraces his beauty, and his career is thriving.

19. Ehlers-Danlos syndrome! Sara Geurts is using her flourishing modeling career to increase awareness for her rare genetic condition known as Ehlers Danlos syndrome.

18. Ectodermal dysplasia! This gorgeous 26-year-old model from Germany was born with a rare genetic disorder known as ectodermal dysplasia, which affected her facial structure.

17. Anisocoria! Anisocoria is a rare condition in which the pupils of the eyes are of unequal size. One pupil functions properly while the other stays in a fixed position.

16. Dermatographia (skin writing)! This might look like a painful attempt to create a 3D tattoo, but it is, in fact, a rare skin condition that affects about 2% of the world's population.

15. Rare beauty marks! Cassandra is a beautiful dancer who sees the true beauty in the birthmark under her eye. And it landed her a career that she continues to thrive in today.

14. Waardenburg syndrome! Stef Sanjati is a YouTube star who came into the limelight when she posted a video about a genetic mutation she inherited. People with this condition have radiantly blue eyes often described as "icy blue."

13. The cat eye syndrome! Those with this disorder have different malformations that affect the iris and ears. This condition is not inherited but occurs randomly during embryonic development.

12. Extraordinarily long legs! This elegant model Ia Ostergren who has won the hearts of thousands of people on the internet has the longest legs in the world.

11. Argyria! A condition in which silver compounds react to light just the way melanin does. However, instead of causing a tan, they turn their skin silver. Unfortunately, the silver doesn't dissipate, which implies the silver skin is irreversible.

10.  Hirsutism! Hirsutism often leads to hormonal imbalances and the excess growth of facial hair. Dakota Cooke, a 24-year-old performer, living in Los Angeles has this rare condition.

9. Vitiligo! Vitiligo makes the skin, hair, and nails to lose color. It has no treatment, but it can be slowed down. Winnie Harlow, shown above, is a model who has this condition.

8. Piebaldism! This is a unique genetic condition where a person misses cells called melanocytes. It causes a white patch of skin to appear (frequently on the forehead) along with white hair.

7. Gigantism! This is perhaps the most unlikely mutation that can be deemed beautiful. Gigantism, particularly in its worst forms, is a really serious condition that results in many ailments and early death.

6. Beauty in disorder! Melanie Gaydos is an American model with ectodermal dysplasia. Although she hasn't signed with an agency, Melanie has attained global success on her own and has no plan of giving up her modeling career.

5. Beauty in tones! Haider Har is a Londoner who featured in photographer Brock Elbank's photo series on vitiligo. The series questions opinions of beauty by showcasing the condition, along with other pigmentations like freckles, to challenge our fixation with symmetry and perfection.

4. Beauty in extremes! Shaun Ross is a model appreciated for his unique skin tone, as well as his unusual facial features. Of African-American origin, Shaun is considered as the first male albino model.

3. The melanin goddess! Khoudia Diop (Melanin Goddess) is a Senegalese model once ridiculed for her nightly skin. After partaking in "The Colored Girl" campaign, Khoudia made a name for herself in the mainstream fashion world, demonstrating that beauty comes in all shades.

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2. Moles to Miss Universe! Evita Delmundo is a model and influencer from Borneo, Malaysia. Her full body of moles distinguishes Evita. She has gone on to audition for Miss Universe and even took part in Dove's #BeautyUnitesUs campaign.

1. The eyes are captivating! Mekhi Alante Lucky is an American model who rose to prominence after his released mugshots went viral. His rare blue-brown eyes got him a contract with St. Claire Modelling and have placed him an internet sensation.

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A great positive from what we've seen is that, granted these are abnormalities, but they never limit what we can achieve. In fact some of the anormalies really look beautiful. Which of these rare physical features did you like and which ones surprised you the most? Please, tell us in the comments section and don't forget to share this article with your friends!

Source: Bright Side, Bright Side, Bright Side

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