15+ Things That Are Actually Much Bigger Than We Could Imagine


Have you ever encountered a moose? In the cartoons, they are very friendly, but the truth is that they are really huge. It’s hard to say why they give this very kind vibe, but it might their cute and wide faces. In fact, many moose look almost similar to the loveably goofy, donkey, although they are much bigger in size. However, it is most likely for another reason: Bullwinkle. The 1960s cartoon showed a sweet but kind of dumb character, and people think that is what actual moose behave like in the wild. But, Alaskans and Canadians would tell that they can be pretty dangerous creatures.

Image credits: Twitter/SolastaN

Image credits: Twitter/SolastaN

If you encounter one in your travels, it’s better to keep a safe distance. One time, a family of them stopped traffic at Alaska’s Denali National Park, and all the drivers respectfully let them walk without disturbance. Their actions were not just because they wanted to see how majestic their bodies were. Most people in the area know that a moose has to be respected because you don’t want to encounter an angry one. There have been several recorded incidents involving these gorgeous animals. In 2013, a mother moose refused to get away from a road and fought with a truck driver. Let’s admire them from afar!

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