Queen Elizabeth's Reported Concerns About Harry and Meghan’s Marriage


Reports state that tensions between the brothers deepened because William did not agree with the red-haired royal's apparently rush decision. William thought that things were moving too fast, so he warned his brother, leaving him profoundly hurt and bitter.

And if we analyze for a moment the two royal relationships, the differences are extreme. The Duke of Cambridge dated Middleton for eight years before tying the knot, while Harry wanted to take the big step in less than 12 months. And when there's a will, there's a way; Harry married the American girl at the end of the day.

Image credits: Getty Images

Image credits: Getty Images

But only a couple of months later, the Sussexes announced that they were splitting the royal household from William and Kate's. And if that's not enough, the newlyweds decided to move to Frogmore House, far away from Kensington Palace, as per CheatSheet. Could this be what William was warning about?

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