15+ Things That Are Actually Much Bigger Than We Could Imagine

Sometimes perspective can fool our sight and make us see things in a different way. In some cases, we are used to seeing the world from our eyes and do not really perceive the magnitude of what surrounds us, or in the case of these images, how big things can be compared to us, and how small we are in this world.


We all know that gorillas are really big creatures, but maybe you had not really considered the difference in size. It might seem like our hands are almost completely alike, and it is true that we share many similar features, especially when it comes to holding and performing certain functions. However, there are a couple of differences that everyone should understand. Both human and primate hands have opposable thumbs. In other words, they have a finger that can tough the other four digits in their hands. But, human thumbs are longer and more flexible than anything primates have.

Image credits: Reddit/GallowBoob

Image credits: Reddit/GallowBoob

Some scientists say that monkeys would have a lot of trouble with longer thumbs. It would actually get in the way of them trying to hold a tree when they swing. When it comes to the rest of the fingers, primates also have four, but human digits are shorter and much thinner than most monkeys. This is also to help them swing from trees. Furthermore, human hands are much more mobile than primate, as we can rotate our wrists, extend, and flex. Primates, particularly those who use their knuckles to walk, are much less flexible with movements. Their wrists bones are made to avoid bending or extending while the gorilla moves around.

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