Church Signs That Went Totally Wrong

Nowadays, churches all over the world. often use many types of messages to draw the attention of people who pass by them, lots of these can be fun ways to express with irony how bad we can be. Even memes have started to be used. Here is a list of these signs:

50. A what?

This message placed on the marquee of a church can be misinterpreted very quickly, although everything seems to indicate that it is aimed at people who criticize and judge others.

Image Credit: Reddit/martian-amoung-you

Image Credit: Reddit/martian-amoung-you

Another option is that it is the father's sermon, perhaps the words he says are capable of putting even the biggest and strongest man on his knees. It is an ambiguous message, but it seems that its purpose is that, to make people be surprised and try to make sense of the message by going to church, attending mass, and asking the father what the real meaning of the message that appears in front of the church is.

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