Top Scientific Discoveries Found Wonderfully Preserved In Ice

Over the years, there have been some ice discoveries dug up from the ground by scientists, explorers, and archeologists. These professionals have set their eyes upon some outrageous things. Some are just absurd, while others are undeniably astonishing due to its longevity and composure. Brace yourself for the ride ahead up north and south, as we delve into a world bizarre, intriguing discoveries.

42. Freeze House, Hands Up

The entire building has been frozen due to the harshness of the cold. It is no news to the people of Michigan as it happens regularly. This photo looks like a real piece of art! Well, this is St. Joseph lighthouse erected in 1844. The 35-foot lighthouse frequently accumulates a bulky layer of ice at the time of winter storms. In most times, during these periods, about 6 meters tall freezing waves smash into the piers. This reduces the air temperature to -20 degrees and freezes the lighthouse up.

Image Credits: Earth Form

Image Credits: Earth Form

Here, this lighthouse has been frozen from top to bottom, inside-out. It's more like it has been arrested by the cold, and only time will tell how much longer before it gets bailed! You can spot the frozen lake which is estimated to be two or three-foot wide pathway from the lighthouse. The path is regularly smooth during cold weather, and it is not safe for walking. More than 100 feet is separating the exterior light and the inner light from each other. Thanks, gracious, It certainly isn't human, which is a bit of a relief, but imagine being trapped in the house with the compelling temperature?

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