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A beautiful piece of crystal with almost a thousand years of age that was found in the Dominican Republic. It’s also known as the Dominican amber, and comes from resin from the tree Hymenaea protera, which is already extinct. It is different from other kinds of amber, such as Baltic, because it’s almost always see-through, and it has more fossil additions. Studying these ambers has allowed researchers to remake an ecosystem that was long gone. In studies from the early 1990s, it was determined that some pieces of amber were around 40 million years old.

Image credits: ebaumsworld/solidsnake4545

Image credits: ebaumsworld/solidsnake4545

But, Poinar says that Dominican amber is from the Oligocene to the Miocene periods, which means that they are 25 million years old. The oldest of these precious stones was found in the north of Santiago, and the La Cumbre, La Toca, Palo Quemado, La Bucara, and Los Cacaos mining sites are near that city. Amber has also been discovered in Bayaguana/Sabana de la Mar, and there are even subfossil copals located in the Cotui deposits that go back only 280 years.

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