40 Drivers Who Should Have Never Been Allowed On The Road

Whether you are on a commute or on a long trip, the road can be an interesting place, especially because you can strangers doing the weirdest things they normally wouldn't do anywhere else. Some people are not as careful when they are driving as others, and some accidents can happen that end up being funnier than anyone imagined.

On the other hand, there are few people who should never get back on the wheel because their habits and their disregard for traffic laws is mind-blowing. From eating to moving impossible furniture, here are few examples of such reckless driver that can give us a thousand laughs, although we rather not have them next to us. 


Image credits: Reddit/basshead41

Image credits: Reddit/basshead41

Moving is the worst. You have to pack everything at home, and then, figure out how you are going to fit everything in your car. Even with a big van, somethings simply don't fit, and you have to come up with a solution. This lady must be incredibly strong if she believes that just holding the mattress like that will keep it on the roof. We wonder if the other passengers on board had similar contraptions. 

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