25+ Everyday Things That Make Perfect Sense When We Understand The Idea Behind

47. Fuel Hoses

Magnetic locks on the service station fuel hoses help prevent the dispenser from getting damaged and prevent the fuel from leaking. If a car leaves without first removing it, it is released and blocks its entry to avoid an accident. Also, it is important to know that standard heated hoses or rubber vacuums should not be used for fuels in stations.

Image credits: Instagram/unquenchablecuriosity

Image credits: Instagram/unquenchablecuriosity

This is because they are not very gas resistant. Vinyl tubing known as Tygon is better as they have high gas resistivity. Tygon is also used in all other industries such as food and beverage, chemicals, medical, and pharmaceutical. Depending on its different formulations, each tube has different characteristics, but they are all generally meant for any kind of chemical. All of these precautions make our gag pumping experience much safer. Once upon a time, people didn’t want to use their cellphones at stations.

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