Most Dangerous, Hilarious And Bizarre Things Our Ancestors Thought Normal

26. Kids Being Delivered Through The Mail

This is outrightly hilarious and unbelievable. However, it is true! At the start of the 20th century, Americans were legally allowed to send their kids through the mail. Yes, 'bail mail' actually existed. When the U.S Post Office Department --now known as U.S Postal Service -- first began conveying and distributing packages on January 1, 1913. Americans were thrilled with the novel service and began mailing different categories of items, including their babies and kids. The cost of mailing your kid was about 15 cents, only if your child's weight was not above the weight of a regular parcel.

© Smithsonian Institution/

© Smithsonian Institution/

They were unique handling rules and regulations for packages that involved children. Also, only trustworthy postal workers were frequently requested by the child's parents or guardian. This puts their mind at rest that their child will successfully be delivered to the right destination. We do not know what the parents were thinking, but during that time traveling long distances was largely unaffordable by average Americans. So, sending their child through the mail made perfect sense to them!

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