Unique Retro Photos That Show How Awesome People Were Back In The Day


Things are incredibly different now, but in the 1930s, people were afraid that women were getting too skinny. Perceptions of beauty always change in time. It might be regarding clothes, hairstyles and such, but decades ago, women who had a little more junk were considered the epitome of beauty. Do you remember Marilyn Monroe? She was never fully skinny, and even today, she is still regarded as an idol for sex appeal and femininity.

Image credits: Pinterest

Image credits: Pinterest

However, skinny girls were seen as week and nervous. No one can forget about Olive Oil from ‘Popeye’, who was just a stick figure. Therefore, there were ads in the paper that included recommendations to gain weight. One of them actually encouraged women to drink more beer, and it was apparently, a recommendation from doctors. They said that it would help gain around 5 to 15 lbs. It might sound crazy, but beer also contains hops, which has been used as holistic medicine since the 15th century.

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