Hunting Images of Stadiums Left To Rot

Great sporting events around the world are often tagged with stadiums where they are held. The condition of a stadium can either make or mar a sporting event, the reason why the best arenas are maintained to keep the fun. However, there are legendary stadiums that once represented the peak of sporting activities in their domain, but have now turned into a neglected facility. Some are left and forgotten with a saddening creepy sight. See the list of some famous arenas in the word; how they have undergone stunning transformations from relevance and fame to obscurity and dilapidation.  

Dongdaemun Stadium  

The Soviet Union and West Germany held their last games in Seoul, South Korea as the 1998 Olympics. Wanting to make history as the empire was dissolved, the Soviets highly dominated the games by a wide margin in the medal count. Also, the games marked the last time the USA basketball team was represented by amateurs exclusively. The sports complex in Seoul included a multipurpose stadium, a baseball park, among other important facilities. 

Image credits: Tiebreaker/ Pcamp

Image credits: Tiebreaker/ Pcamp

The main construction of the athletics field and the baseball pitch started in May 1925, and it was opened for use on October 15, 1925. The sports facility held many of the 1988 games in Seoul South Korea. Many of the venues used for the games are still around and have been modernized. However, it is unfortunate that Dongdaemun Stadium is not one of them as it degenerated into a flea market and parking lot. The stadium was finally demolished in 2008 after many years of staying unused. 

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