Top Places Where You Should Never Ever Swim

Indeed, nothing beats going for a refreshing swim in summer. It is one of the best ways of beating the heat during the hot summer days. While you'd love to find a serene lake or beach to swim in and relax, it's best to know what's ahead of you before jumping into the water. This article is the guideline you need to know which lake or beach to avoid. You wouldn't love to find yourself in a dangerous and uncomfortable situation, would you? So, keep reading, as we have compiled a list of 40 locations you should stay away from. You are welcome.

40. The Boiling Lake

The Boiling Lake situated in Dominica is one of the most dangerous places to swim. As the name implies, the lake literally boils. Beneath the surface of the water, there is searing hot manga. The magma causes an increase in the temperature of the water to reach that of boiling point.

Image Credits: Flickr

Image Credits: Flickr

Undoubtedly, dipping yourself into this lake will not only hurt you, but your entire body will end up being scalded. To avoid this, it is better to stay away from the lake. You are probably wondering that there is no place as dangerous as the Boiling Lake, well, you are wrong. The next on our list will leave you in awe.

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