The Mystery Behind A Large Container On A Front Lawn

There are seven known wonders of the world, and I dare say that this yard event could be in line to inherit the 8th wonder status. Living in a country like America comes with specific desires like owning a comfortable home, having the best kids, and having a smile on your face whenever your kids play in the backyard. However, what you cannot count on is how the neighbors around you will react to such an American dream. If all this is a mystery to you, then Wayne Martins, a family man could shed some light on this mystery. Let’s find out what a hole in a yard became the center of focus for neighbors around. 

The Big Surprise

Digging a hole this large in your yard could only stand out to anyone as a plan for a swimming pool that will be beneficial to kids, and make in-house parties more fun. However, Wayne had another reason for digging a large hole in his yard, and his neighbors did not have it.

Instead of a swimming pool, he decided to launch a 20-foot shipping container into the hole. People around were likely astonished as well as uncomfortable that a shipping container was sitting in the front lawn of a member of the area, but Wayne could care less. This brought up different questions as to how and why he decided to be creepy, and rest assured, there are answers to these questions.

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