The Most Incredible Rare Historical Photos You'll Ever See

Ever heard of the "Astrochimp?" When do you think the world's first selfie was taken? (Hint: it was WAY before Kim Kardashian!). Maybe you have wondered about what Robin Williams or Arnold Schwarzenegger were like before they were famous? If you love learning fun tidbits and curious facts about history, you'll love this huge compilation of weird and wonderful historical images. Just click ‘next page’ to start flicking through this gallery of awesome pictures and even cooler backstories!

High Flyers

Image credits: Direct Expose

Image credits: Direct Expose

Things were a little different in the 1960s. Being an air hostess or member of the cabin crew in the twenty-first century is still considered a relatively glamorous career. But back in the 60s and 70s, they took this glamour to a whole new level. To work 10,000 feet in the air as a stewardess for one of the major airlines in those days, you needed to be aged 20-27, be between 5”2 and 5”9 in height, to weigh less than 140lbs and to be unmarried without children. Phew! Of course, this ruled out a lot of would-be women from becoming flight attendants. The ones that met this rigid criterion were usually pretty fun-loving and bubbly young women whose dreams of seeing the world came true every day at work. Of course, the selection measures are a lot more egalitarian now, which makes the occupation more accessible. 

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