How Celebrities Will Look In Old Age (FaceApp)

Celebrities, like all of us, do everything possible to prevent the passing of the years on their faces. They take advantage of makeup, surgical processes, and any other tricks they can find to stay as young as possible. But the time spares nobody, and although we see those celebrities as "perfect," sooner or later, they will have to get used to looking elegantly older. Under everything they do is a person destined to reach old age just like us. But despite this, many celebrities are not afraid to show themselves as they are. Thanks to the FaceApp application and its aging filter, we can take a look into the future. Celebrities like Courteney Cox and the Fab Five have had fun using this app and revealing their gray hair to all their followers. In the following list of images, you can see the future of many of your favorite characters, and we will see who age with grace, and who will need some help.

Gordon Ramsay

All the screams and scolding of this famous chef did not do much to help him avoid the inevitable wrinkles that would form on his face. Ramsay's worries will accumulate on his face and will only worsen his appearance with the progress of the years. If this filter is right, Gordon Ramsay's golden years will be very marked by his old age brands. In the same way, we are sure that he will not stop screaming just for this.

Image credits: Pinterest - Instagram/gordongram

Image credits: Pinterest - Instagram/gordongram

This is how this image shows us a very worn chef, but still working on the 50th season of Master Chef. We will not be surprised if this prediction is accurate, but we are very sure that his character will not change over time. He may start screaming with a bit less force, but he will continue to make sure everything goes perfectly in his kitchen.

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