15+ Heart-Stopping Photos Taken Just Before Disaster

With the growing wave of smartphones with a camera and smaller and more accessible photographic equipment for all people, the world has become a great collective of photographers always ready to capture the most striking and unexpected images by documenting every second of their lives. Once in a while, one of those images can be caught in the perfect millisecond and represent the moment just before a real and tragic disaster, as you can see in this list of moments that will surely send a chill down your spine.

To the water

Image credits: Livestly

Image credits: Livestly

The cargo ship of this image was very close to losing its precious cargo because of the waves. Its crew does not seem to be very worried, but they should be much more careful the next time they organize the shipment. Perhaps they are very used to dealing with this type of waves and know how to keep everything organized without falling. Although it may not seem like it, the ship did not crash, and no one was injured. However, it is an image difficult to see because of how dangerous it is. Only four of the containers fell into the sea despite all that movement.

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