Country singers muses and wives: then and now

Country music also known as country and western is a music genre which originates from the southern United States in the early 1920s. One of the reasons why country music is popular is its focus on human emotions and social makeup. The music genre is about love, extreme sorrow, extreme happiness, and heartbreaks. Some songs, which talk about love, pleasure, and heartbreaks were composed by country music artists based on the men and women in their lives. Here is a list of famous country singers and the partners that inspired some of their songs. 

 Johnny Cash | June Carter – then

Johnny Cash meeting with June Carter may be seen as love at first sight. The couple seemed to be a match made from heaven given the way they bonded from their first meeting. After divorcing his first wife, Johnny started a relationship with June whom he met while performing at the Grand Old Opry. He proposed to June during a live performance in London after a 13 years courtship. After a big yes to the proposal, the couple went to have a child named John Carter Cash.

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