25+ Pictures That Show Historical Events

Old photos are the best time machines in the world, and they can remind us of simpler times as well as some of the most epic moments in history. Humankind has had cameras since the late 19th century and has been able to capture incredible situations that generations to come will keep appreciating, especially thanks to the internet. Let’s discover these gems that give a glimpse of old-school pop culture and more!


This building in New York City needed a fresh coat of paint in 1926, and it took this bunch of brave painters to complete as they pose for a picture from that dangerous height. Meanwhile, Woolworth still considered one of the 50 tallest buildings in the world, and the workers did their best to keep it looking nice while rocking that Bristol fashion.

Image credits: Reddit

Image credits: Reddit

Obviously, you have to trust that the harness you’re wearing on the job won’t fail you, and you need to have a strong stomach to actually take this job. However, we have to wonder what they did during their lunch break. It would have been a pain to get back to the ground to eat and then up again. They did have their sandwich from that height?

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