Orphaned Baby Elephant Makes An Unlikely Friendship

Not long after this baby elephant's birth, he was sadly cast aside by his herd. With nobody to take care of him, things didn't look good for the adorable elephant calf. In the wild, elephants prosper in group situations, and being left alone can be very dangerous to the species' young. However, something came out of the blue to give the elephant a new chance to survive. At first, it wasn't exactly sure what would happen to the calf, and no one could predict the impact an unlikely bond would have on the little animal. Continue reading for a truly amazing story.

Cast Away Calf

Image Credits: Directexpose.com

Image Credits: Directexpose.com

This baby elephant was found by rescuers in South Africa. It was sick and had been abandoned by its herd, so its chances of survival were slim. By a miracle, the tiny elephant had survived on its own for days, but it was in urgent need of some care and attention. The devoted team of wildlife rescuers who had found the tiny calf would give their all to get this elephant healthy and back on its feet again. But despite all their efforts, it was something completely unexpected that would end up being the best medicine.

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