40+ Ideas That May Improve People's Life

It is common for us to quickly get used to everyday life without realizing that things could be different, even better in some cases. Whether it is problems using the bathroom or accidents when leaving or entering a parking lot, everything in this life may have a solution, although we do not know it yet. We have compiled a list of great and exciting ideas that are designed to improve your life and make all your worries disappear, at least for a while. You may not benefit directly from them, but we assure you that someone else will appreciate the effort to make them come true.


You might be wondering why you always get a packet of these things whenever you buy something. Some people have even used them like meditation balls, pressing them in their hands to relax. This gel is known as a desiccant, and its purpose is to absorb moisture from its immediate surroundings. These small packages are filled with these tiny gel beads that can absorb wetness around them up to 50%, so they help preserve everything that can be damaged by moisture.

Image credits: ShowStopper VIP

Image credits: ShowStopper VIP

It can come with electronics as it prevents condensation. So, you can actually encounter this handy-dandy packet in any items that might be ruined because of humidity. Luckily, it’s a harmless substance. Silica is silicon dioxide, which is found in quartz. You can even reuse them if they have absorbed a bunch of moisture. You just need to heat them up to 300ºF (150ºC).

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