Mansions From Actors of the Golden Age of Hollywood

Fame can come with tons of money, but celebrities need to plan their finances well to avoid having to file for bankruptcy as many have done. Fortunately, these following stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood have managed to invest wisely, and their mansions are covetable and expensive. You won’t believe how much Elizabeth Taylor’s Beverly Hills estate cost. Let’s find out everything!


The singer is 73 years old, and her former amazing mansion in Nashville was worth $1.2 million. Her net worth is around $500 million, and her name is definitely legendary in the history of country music. It’s said that Dolly earns around $19 million a year, and when it comes to managing her finances, the singer has always been a savvy investor.

Image credits: Refinance Gold

Image credits: Refinance Gold

Her assets, including the theme park Dollywood, bring in a lot of money for the artist, and she also has several other real estate holdings. This mansion was built in the 40s, and Dolly managed to sell it for that impressive amount. Her career has produced amazing songs like ‘9 to 5’ and ‘Jolene’, and Parton also has credits in several films.

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