WW2 Bomber Lands With No One Inside

World War II included the greatest air battles ever witnessed. There are theories regarding the B-17 "Ghost Bomber", such as sightings of Foo Fighters and UFOs, but one thing's for sure, it was one of a kind. When investigators finally got on board the mysterious bomber that landed on its own, this led to even more questions. They were not expecting what they found. Have you ever seen anything of the sort?

Coming In Hot!

Image Credits: History101.com

Image Credits: History101.com

On November 23rd, 1944, an event at an allied base in Cortonburg, Belgium still can't be fully explained until today. On that particular day, an American B-17G bomber was getting closer to three Allied anti-aircraft gun positions, and it seemed like it was going to crash into them. The soldiers on the ground could tell that the bomber's landing gear was down, and due to the way it was flying, they thought that the plane had been damaged or that some of the crew were hurt. The 35,000-pound bomber was falling quickly right above their heads, so they hit the deck and braced for impact as they shouted obscenities at the pilot.

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