The Important Message Behind this Heartwarming Act of Kindness

Just an Ordinary Day in Washington, D.C.

One rainy day in Washington, D.C., this waitress got the surprise of her life when she read a note left by an unusual customer. They both have very different backgrounds - one is a college student and freelance dancer, while the other makes a living as a dentist in Texas. Can you imagine what they might have in common? In this heartwarming story, we learn that first impressions aren't always right, and the most unlikely people can learn important things from each other.

Image credits: Noteabley

Image credits: Noteabley

The hospitality industry is a notoriously tough business. In the age of heightened political tensions, it’s even tougher. But one Texan customer’s unusual actions towards this Busboys and Poets waitress made a real impression on her and her colleagues. What's more, is that it was totally unexpected! Do you think you can guess what happened? We’ll give you a clue: it was right after the most recent presidential inauguration, which happened to be pretty controversial!

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