50+ Hilarious Moments Captured On Public Transport

Many people all around the world appreciate riding on the subway. It is an inexpensive and practical mode of transport that allows you to navigate urban areas without getting stuck in traffic. With millions of people using the subway every day, you are bound to find a few strange moments and people here and there. For your enjoyment, we've listed some hilarious moments that have been captured on the subway. These types of scenes are sure to make your morning commute interesting. 

Onion-Themed Dinner

Image Credits: Graduatez.com

Image Credits: Graduatez.com

This lady went to all lengths to impress her date; as she planned to cook dinner for a man she was seeing and had to work late, she decided to get cooking on the subway and start cutting some onions. Sadly, she had to stop because passengers began to tear up due to the onion fumes.

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