Funny Texts Between Bosses and Employees

Maintaining a great relationship with your boss can save you a lot of trouble in the long run, but it’s difficult sometimes. Lucky people have the best employers in the world that speak to them as if they were friends, but everyone needs to keep a professional attitude. Due to the many messaging apps we have on our phones and our computers, it’s often easy to send a text to someone accidentally. When that happens with your boss, it can lead to hilarious results. Also, sometimes your employer is pretty funny too. Let’s find out what some of these people texted to their employers unintentionally.


Image credits: Pinterest

Image credits: Pinterest

Having a good relationship with your boss is important, and someone who can receive funny memes is awesome. It’s always great when people can understand your humor, but we have to sympathize with this angry person because that hilarious image was sent on Sunday, which is the best time to rest. Interestingly. The word “meme” was used first by Richard Dawkins in the 1976 novel ‘The Selfish Gene’ as a way to explain how cultural knowledge spread around. However, the internet version of “meme” was presented by Mike Godwin in a 1993 publication of Wired. Later on, in 2013, Dawkins said that an Internet meme was similar to normal meme but altered by creativity.  

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