The Real Lives Of Royal Nannies

Not many people in the world get the opportunity to be up close and personal with the Royal family. Those who do work in the Palace see the royals in their everyday lives, and so do the nannies. In the Royal family, nannies tend to play a particular role; they take care of the children both on the grounds of the Palace as well as in the outside world. They get a glimpse of the royals' daily lives, but they have to keep it all a secret. However, some people have shared information to the public about their lives as royal nannies. After all, who wouldn't want to hang around the rich and famous? But their lives are not always smooth sailing. Here is an inside look at the life of a royal nanny.

Caring for Royal Children is Tough

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For regular parents, i.e., not royals or celebrities, finding a nanny is difficult. You always want to ensure that you are leaving your children with somebody who loves and cares for them, but at the same time, you need somebody who can discipline them when they misbehave. However, when you are a royal, you have certain advantages. After all, a Royal has an extensive pool of people to pick from to watch over their little ones. More often than not, the role is more tailored towards women, as they are generally seen as caregivers. But no matter who the children are, it is always full of drama and ups and downs.

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