The Cheapest Countries In The World To Choose For Retirement


The cost-of-living index equals 72.08, while the average rent falls at $1,358.34. The groceries index is 66.90, and the buying power index is 70.69. Although the land down under doesn’t have the cheapest cost of living, it’s actually a pretty practical place for retirement. The purchasing power is 30% higher than cities like New York, and its healthcare system is over seven points higher than the norm for the United States.

Image credits: Unsplash

Image credits: Unsplash

Furthermore, the government website has a perfectly detailed explanation for people looking to get a permanent residency as a retiree. Aside from those aspects, you might enjoy Australia for many other things, especially if you have always craved adventure. This country has the largest sand island in the globe, and it’s called Fraser Island. Also, the city of Melbourne was voted as the “world’s most liveable city”, and it almost always earns the top spot.

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